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pipe dream.


A new round of Atelier Kreslo opened last week. This month, it’s a collaboration between Kaz Nayar of PILOT and RubyStarlight Writer of Exposeur Poses.

Presenting the Bari Chair:

blog fancy

*additional credits below

Sort of kooky, sort of mod, totally awesome. Lots of different texture options:

blog 1

I love the attention to little details, like the little bits of writing you can see on some of the pieces of white PVC. Possibly my favorite bit, though, is the perfect metal shine on the legs. That’s great texturing, my friends.

blog 2

The chairs include great poses from Ruby: 6 singles and 2 couples. Not only a great decor piece, but also fun for a photo prop!

Be sure to stop  by Atelier Kreslo now to grab your Bari Chair!! [SLurl]

*additional credits from first pic

rugs – nordari. (Jordan Giant)
guitar, amp, album set: *ionic* MONO (Lakua Arriaga)

1 + 1 = maribel (it’s the new math)


It’s been a while since we talked about Atelier Kreslo, a monthly collaboration between designer and posemaker. AK took a summer break, but it’s back now! A brand new installation kicks off today, featuring a collaboration between Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea and me! Me of Pulling Strings! That terrible grammar notwithstanding, Isla and I have the super cute Maribel Hanger Chair for you! Isla made the chair – which is probably the cutest thing in the history of ever – and I supplied the poses! Look!

*pics courtesy of Isla’s flickr stream

The Maribel Hanger Chair is available right now, exclusively at Atelier Kreslo! [SLurl]

The one where I play poser.


It’s time for a new month at Atelier Kreslo!!! I’m very happy to announce that this month’s collaboration is between Gala Charron of *Art Dummy! and….me! Elle Kirshner of Pulling Strings! Yay! I love Gala’s work and I loved having a chance to work with her. You know how AK works — one designer builds the seat, and another designer creates the poses for it. Gala built the Daydream Stool and I had a great time making some fun poses for it!

Those pics are from the AK Cafe – which you know I love – and Gala set up the stools with my Simple Dining table (available at Second Spaces). I love the different textures that Gala used on the stools; the grungy white is my favorite, of course. All of the textures look great – I love the different mix of hard woods and I love the bright colors, too. These are great simple stools to use at your bar or for casual seating in the kitchen or living room, and only 5 prims! The bright ones are perfect ways to add a pop of color in your space!

Now let’s check out those poses! 😉 

There are a few more poses that I didn’t show…and the balloon is included (and color-changeable!) with the stools. Like I said, I had a great time working on this with Gala — so be sure to get over to AK and check ’em out! I think we did a great job. 😉

OH! I almost forgot to mention — these are sold in packs of two!! Each pack comes with one stool in the specific color or finish, and then a second stool with white legs where just the seat is the particular color or finish. Fun!

Atelier Kreslo [SLurl]

Have a seat.


It’s another new month at Atelier Kreslo. Yay! This month’s offerings are the Painter’s Chairs, a collaboration between Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea and IsabellaGrace Baroque of Olive Juice Poses. And, as it turns out, I love these chairs. ♥

Seriously. That chippy paint texture makes me so happy. SO HAPPY. I want these chairs in RL. All the color choices are just gorgeous, too, and I always love the dipped look on furniture. Perfect.

The chairs are available at the AK coffee house…I popped over there to 1) enjoy the super cute set up, as I always do, and 2) to take a few more pics to show some of the really cute poses that are included in the chairs.

I feel like, in that first pic, I’m really just wondering where my coffee is.

Get over to Atelier Kreslo to see the Painter’s Chairs and definitely grab a few. You need these. Trust me.

Atelier Kreslo in-world [SLurl]

The one where we check in on Atelier Kreslo.


Hi! Remember in January that I told you about Atelier Kreslo, the new collaboration project from Flutter Memel? Well, there’s a new AK release available now – the in limbo stools! It’s another really cute collaboration between Flutter and Gala Charron of *Art Dummy!, and it’s only available for a short time!

Love!! So cute and simple, these would be adorable in any room. These stools were a special release, and will only be available until the official March release for Atelier Kreslo is out…so get over to the cafe all quick-like and grab yours!

Atelier Kreslo in-world [SLurl]