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*Designer Review* The Higher Spectrum


I received a review folder from Nephre Nefarious a few weeks ago, and with the Home Expo coming up, and of course now in progress :), I’ve just now had time to really check out The Higher Spectrum. Totally worth the wait! Nephre has a great shop setup, a very large inventory to look through, and great style to all her pieces. Overall, the feel of THS is quite masculine, which I like. Remember, fellas, like I always tell you: chicks dig a well-appointed pad. 😉 Nephre’s pieces are on the large end of the size scale, very modern, so these aren’t things you’re going to want to put in your quaint New England-style cottage.  These items are great for the larger, minimalist-modern prefabs — which Nephre also has available. 🙂

First, a few of the review items — this is the Marcell Sofa, with the Brooklyn Living Room Coffee Table and Standing Lamp (on the right), and also the Floor Lamp2 on the left. I included myself in the pic because 1) I’m a camera hog and 2) I wanted to show the perspective, since these are really large pieces. The pillows on the sofa have great textures, and I really like the curve of the coffee table. There are many more pieces to the Brooklyn set – you’ll have to go see them at the shop. 😉

review 1

Next is the Gaile Erotic Bed and the Brandi Bathroom Shower. Clearly, these pieces aren’t meant to be together – I’m just saving on pic space. All of THS’ beds are packed with anims — for your couples time and your solitary time. 🙂 The shower comes with a steamy (see what I did there?) couples animation, too. I really love the little shelves on the outside of the shower – nice touch!


At the THS shop, I found so many things that I wanted to share! I tried to limit myself…but dammit, these are the things that make my heart swell! So here are some pieces that I love:

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*Second Spaces* Valentine Sale!


From now until February 15th, all Valentine deco is on sale for 50% off!


Available just inside the front door at Second Spaces!

Be sure to step next door to Pulling Strings for great savings on Valentine poses, too!

*Second Spaces* 9 more places!


Following up on my previous Top 12 series, I’m happy to welcome you to the “9 More Places Everyone Should Know About in SL, Especially If You Own a House or Land, and You Like Cool Stuff” series…henceforth known as “9 More Places!”.


This is not a stack ranking or countdown of best places – these are places that I have found over the years that I really enjoy, LMs that I pass out when folks are looking for decorating goodness, and places that everyone should check out at least once, as decided by me. Ready? Ok!

Ingrid Ingersoll’s Homestore

Let me start by saying that I consider it a huge shame that I have never blogged Ingrid before. It was not an intentional oversight by any means — Ingrid Ingersoll is one of the designers I found very early on when I began to really dig into SL design, and one who fanned the flames (oh my) of my passion for SL furniture, architecture, and decor. I’m going to share just a few of my favorites with you, and then I want you to go check Homestore out yourself! I can’t do all the work for you!

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