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*Second Spaces* Santa’s Escape Design Contest!


Oh, it was bound to happen again, eventually. πŸ™‚ I am ecstatic to announce another Second Spaces Design Contest: Santa’s Escape!

Everyone needs to get away for the holidays – even Santa! What would his escape look like? On the day after Christmas, is he at a luxury spa? Is he going on a TV and junk food binge? Is it time to enjoy that basement sex den? Does he finally get a chance to play with all those toys in the workshop? It’s up to you!!

Prizes provided by these awesome designers:

The Loft // Belle BelleΒ  // AmbianceΒ  // MudHoney // [ba] Barnesworth Anubis // Heart Garden // Another Man’s Treasure

Here’s how it works: each contestant gets a Second Spaces shadowbox in which to create their vision of Santa’s escape. We have an expert panel of designer judges who will select our winners – we’ll be looking for creativity, clever aesthetics, smart use of prims, and an overall sense of design. The contest will run for approximately 2 weeks, during which the contestants can organize their shadowboxes. We’ll wrap it up with an event on December 19th when the boxes are ready for viewing — we’ll have a live DJ and festivities, the judges will make their selections and we’ll announce the winners at the end of the event! It’ll be a party, so everyone is invited!

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*Spotlight* Design Contest Winner, Maerok Westland!


Congrats again to Maerok for winning the Second Spaces Exotic Getaway Shadowbox Design Contest! I met up with Maerok a few days after the contest, just to chat a bit about his contest experience, what else he’s doing in SL right now, and that I plan to take full credit as the inspiration for his contest entry. πŸ™‚

You’ll notice Maerok’s super-cool flame eyes in the pic; he’s the designer/owner of Custom Eyes where you can find some great…well, custom eyes…some a bit on the fantasy side, and all very well done. If you read Maerok’s in-world profile, you’ll also see that he mentions nano sculpties. Nano sculpties are teeny tiny (scientific term) sculpted prims that Maerok is using in jewelry – great for realistic gems, as seen below (thanks, Maerok!). That’s a diamond choker and diamond bracelet next to the nano sculpties, and then a closeup of the nano spheres just to show you how truly tiny and wee they are!

Elle Kirshner: What attracted you to the Second Spaces Design Contest?
Maerok Westland: a friend of of mine , Belle, is always looking for stuff for me,sent me the info , and I just though it was a perfect platform to try lots of new things
Maerok Westland: new design ideas, scripts
Elle Kirshner: cool – thanks to belle πŸ™‚
Elle Kirshner: What was the most fun part of the contest?
Maerok Westland: πŸ™‚
Maerok Westland: most fun and frustrating…..
Elle Kirshner: haha
Maerok Westland: coming up with a good idea
Maerok Westland: went through several before i landed on the final one
Elle Kirshner: which leads to my next question…..
Elle Kirshner: What was the inspiration for your design?
Maerok Westland: well, a big part thanks to that little conversation we had at the begining
Maerok Westland: but I wanted to create a space that went beyond the walls, and open it up as much as possible
Maerok Westland: this seemed perfect
Elle Kirshner: very nice πŸ™‚ i dont remember our conversation….
Maerok Westland: existentialism
Elle Kirshner: oh right πŸ™‚
Maerok Westland: you lost your book on it..
Maerok Westland: lol
Elle Kirshner: hahahahah right
Elle Kirshner: just for the record, i’m totally just gonna say that I was your inspiration πŸ˜‰
Maerok Westland: πŸ™‚
Maerok Westland: absolutely fine
Elle Kirshner: Any advice for blossoming designers out there?
Maerok Westland: well, I’m one myself, and wouldnt like to start giving advice as a relative sl fledgling, but only to say that sl is the perfect place to let your imagination run wild, you really can develop any idea without restraint
Elle Kirshner: i like that πŸ™‚
Elle Kirshner: now the tough question….
Elle Kirshner: What are you gonna do with all your prizes??
Maerok Westland: well, good question….
Maerok Westland: i really dont know…
Maerok Westland: lol

Maerok has his shadowbox set up here for now, so if you have experienced it firsthand yet, hop over there and try it out. He is planning to release a revised version for purchase, something a little easier to set up — so if you’ve been looking for your own personal planetarium, then stay tuned!

*Second Spaces* Design Contest wrap-up!


Well! I hereby officially declare success for the first ever Second Spaces Design Contest!!! We had the contest party yesterday, and it was a great time! The shadowboxes are still up for display, and I’m going to leave them for a few days – so get over there and check them out, pictures just don’t do justice!

I want to extend another huge thank you to my sponsors!! Thanks to them for providing such awesome prize packages — as well as some pretty sweet prize giveaways for the crowd! Special thanks to Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft, and to Susan and xTrojan Ramos of Ramos Designs for acting as judges for the contest! These were tough decisions to make, and I appreciate their time, their support, and their willingness to make those tough decisions! πŸ™‚


The Loft

Ramos Designs

Heart Garden Centre

Avenue Four

Melino Style

Second Spaces (self promotion – I love it!)

Okay, on to the really good stuff! Check this post to see what the prize packages were — and say congrats to our winners!

Grand Prize: Maerok Westland – this one has to be experienced firsthand, so get over there. πŸ™‚ With a flip of a switch, we go from pleasant beachside bedroom…

…to out of this world. πŸ™‚

Second Place: Jerremy Darwin – again, this has to be experienced in person. You have to get inside the box and go into Mouselook to really appreciate this one! Amazing!

Third Place: Ariadne Korda – the mood lighting used here was my favorite part – so soft and so complementary with the textures used. This one is great when set to Midnight.

As I said, all the entries were magnificent! I applaud all the contestants for their great work, their hard work, and their creativity!!

Salvia Homewood

Fidella Faulds

Kryptonia Paperdoll

Tymmerie Thorne

Kami Singh

Mea Carnell

Thanks again to my sponsors, my judges, the contestants, and all the folks who showed up to party with us yesterday!! I definitely want to make contests something that Second Spaces does on a regular basis, so stay tuned for more! I’ve always got some evil plan hatching! Muahaha and all that! πŸ˜‰

*Second Spaces* Design Contest UPDATE!


The Second Spaces Design Contest is in full swing! I have 10 contestants working diligently on their shadowboxes…diligently and secretively, since no one has placed any objects in their shadowboxes yet. πŸ˜‰ I expect quite a flurry of activity the day before our contest event – no one wants to give away their design secrets! πŸ™‚ I’m happy to have the following folks participating in the contest:

Salvia Homewood

Ariadne Korda

Lisette Darkstone

Fidella Faulds

Kryptonia Paperdoll

Mea Carnell

Maerok Westland

Tymmerie Thorne

Jerremy Darwin

Kami Singh

Now, for the good stuff! πŸ˜‰ Here are the prize packages as they stand today — these may still get even better!

Grand Prize:

  • Ramos Designs $L1000 gift card
  • Heart Garden Centre $L2000 gift card
  • Melino Style $L1500 gift card
  • The Loft $L1000 cash prize
  • Avenue Four $L1500 gift card
  • Second Spaces $L1000 gift card
  • Heart Garden Centre Tropical Palms/Yucca plant pack
  • Heart Garden Centre Foxgloves plant pack
  • Second Spaces blog spotlight/interview

Second Place:

  • Ramos Designs $L500 gift card
  • Heart Garden Centre $L2000 gift card
  • Melino Style $L750 gift card
  • Avenue Four $L1000 gift card
  • Second Spaces $L750 gift card
  • The Loft Allana Living set
  • Heart Garden Centre Phoenix Palms & Lily Vines plant pack

Third Place:

  • Ramos Designs $L500 gift card
  • Melino Style $L500 gift card
  • Avenue Four $L500 gift card
  • Second Spaces $L500 gift card
  • The Loft Molinari Outdoor Living set
  • Heart Garden Centre Wildflowers plant pack
  • Heart Garden Centre Water Lily plant pack

That’s like an interior designer’s dream wishlist! We’ll be having our design contest party on August 9th from 1-3PM SLT — the contestants will reveal their shadowboxes and the judges will make their decisions. We’ll have a live DJ, prize giveaways for the crowd, and we’ll award our winners at the end of the party!! Mark your calendars now!

Swing by the contest grounds and watch the progress — our sponsors have also started setting up their display platforms, so you can do a little bit of shopping while you’re there. πŸ™‚

Thanks again to my awesome contest sponsors!

The Loft // Heart Garden Centre
Melino Style // Ramos Designs
Avenue Four