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*Grand Opening Announcement!* Pulling Strings


Second Spaces is excited to announce the opening of a new shop: Pulling Strings!

Pulling Strings is a collection of silly, fun, quirky picture poses and super cool (and slightly goofy) furniture animations. Here’s a sampling…





Come by and check out the shop…there are freebies to grab…a lucky chair ready to give you MORE free stuff…AND you’ll get a free poseball set when you join the subscribe-o-matic group – just click the sign at the door!

Pulling Strings

*Designer Spotlight* The Loft


the-loft-sim_003.jpgI attended the opening of The Loft’s new sim last night – and I was like a giddy schoolgirl in the hours leading up to it. 🙂 As I expected, it was beautiful. The shop is centered around a gorgeous courtyard; there’s a lot of empty space right now, but I’m sure that will be filled up soon enough. Check out the shadows from the trees – I love that!

the-loft-sim_001.jpg the-loft-sim_005.jpg

The party was nice – The Loft folks had set up one of the empty spaces with a dance floor, tables, and a stage for the live performers. Phemie Alcott started the night with an impressive acoustic set – she did a soft acoustic cover of Umbrella by Rihanna which was just beautiful. Next up to the mic was Kafka Dinzeo who took us through a pounding set of live rap mixes, including one he made just for The Loft which was really fun. It was great to finally meet Colleen Desmoulins and Bethany Heart in person; Kingston Augustus, the third designer, was not in attendance.

I did wander around, of course, but I didn’t take a ton of pictures because I want you to go there and see it for yourself. Yes, you, dear reader! There were two new sets displayed that looked awesome:


AND there were pre-fabs, which is what I was most excited about. There are three displayed on the perimeter of the sim, and they’re all fantastic. My parting words, as I said my goodbyes and gave my thanks for the invite, were “Colleen, I’m going to marry all three of your prefabs.” I am. Seriously. You have to go see them — the details and the depth we know from The Loft’s furniture is all over these houses. The little details, the awesome textures – gorgeous. Here are exterior shots, just as a tease! From left to right, the Pusa Hilton, the Hattan Skybox, and The Bago:


I also loved that The Loft crew used the lighted tree from Heart Garden Centre as decoration in the party room. It IS the best tree ever!

Get over to the new sim to check it out, here. Go buy yourself one of those lighted trees at Heart Garden Centre, too, while you’re hopping around the grid. 🙂

*Grand Opening Review*


Thanks to all who came out for the Second Spaces grand opening!! It was great to hang out with everyone, and we had a hell of a time. 🙂 The freebies are still out, at least for now – I will probably pick some of them up this weekend. Get in there and grab ’em while you can! I’m also going to do some rearranging in the South Beach store, and I’ll post an update when that’s done. In the meantime — here are some pics of the grand opening fun!

There were some AO/animation conflicts – it’s to be expected:

JT & Roxie grand-opening_004.jpg grand-opening_016.jpg

grand-opening_031.jpg grand-opening_022.jpg Ab & KT

Everyone’s favorite pose on the Marie daybed, as demonstrated by Ath & Maruko:

grand-opening_010.jpg grand-opening_024.jpg

Kalia provided entertainment, much to Patric’s back-bending delight:

grand-opening_014.jpg grand-opening_015.jpg

That may be why Patric ended up under the table, more so than the champagne.


Speaking of which, the champagne was flowing:

grand-opening_006.jpg grand-opening_029.jpg

grand-opening_011.jpg The champagne was really good – Kalia’s just a surly drunk.

Thanks again to all who came by, and I hope many more of you will swing by and check it out! The Envy store is located here, and you can grab a LM to the South Beach store from the Envy store. Be sure to join the Second Spaces! update group for notices on sales, freebies, and special events!

The designer collapses after a great party — and, like, 9 glasses of bubbly.


*GRAND OPENING* Second Spaces Furniture & Accessories


Well, I’ve done it. I’ve opened two locations for my Second Spaces shops – main store in Envy, and secondary store in South Beach. The shops have been open for a few weeks as I’ve built up the inventory and worked on scheme, branding, etc. I figure it will always be a work in progress, but I think I’m ready to officially open the doors. 🙂

The grand opening will be in the Envy location (SLurl here) this Sunday, 2/10, from 12pm to 2pm SL time. Please come check out the store and hang out with me for a few minutes — there will be freebies!!! And possibly snacks. Maybe a clown…and jugglers…ooh, and a pony! Ok, no, most likely just the freebies and snacks…and a caricaturist…no, just the freebies and snacks. But on that note, I’ll give $200L store credit to the first person to find me an SL caricaturist. That would rule.

Hope to see you there!