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Home Expo 2013 Logo

It’s almost Expo time again! ♥ From the official press release:

Home & Garden Expo 2013: Relay for Life

From 24th May 2013 12PM SLT to 2nd June

Sims open:  12PM SLT on May 24th

Are you ready for the biggest home and garden event of 2013?

Bringing together over 100 exhibitors of the very best homes, gardens, landscaping and interior design products in Second Life, plus an additional 30 creators from the ever popular breedables sector in the second annual Breedables Fair, the Home & Garden Expo for Relay For Life 2013 is a fundraising event not to be missed.

The Expo is an annual highlight for those that love seeking out the latest home and garden products and combined with a full entertainment schedule, hunts, raffles and silent auctions plus items designed just for this event – you can be sure of finding stylish new products to give your home a fresh look.

This year’s Expo will feature 8 regions full of home products, 2 sims just for the breedables fair and 1 entertainment sim where you can take a break from shopping and party in style: there is going to be a lot to see and do at this year’s Expo!

Shopping in Second Life is always fun and each Expo exhibitor will be selling special new items for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society so you can shop and help cancer patients and their families in real life too.

The Home Expo and Breedables Fair crew hope you will enjoy visiting this year’s event and wish you a lot of fun exploring the sims and decorating your homes!

For full information and all the latest updates, please visit the Home and Garden Expo website:


I’m currently scrambling to get all my Second Spaces stuff ready for Expo, and I’ll be blogging highlights and goodness once the Expo is open! Exciting!



Just a few quick, new(ish) things from around the grid. I wanted to get this post in before all the Home Expo madness starts tomorrow. What Home Expo, you ask? Well….

[Insert squee here!!] Home Expo 2010 starts tomorrow!! Eight sims worth of houses, furniture, decor, landscaping…nirvana! Check back here in the morning, and I’ll give you the LM!

NOW, on to the new(ish)ness from around the grid. First up, Jordan Giant of nordari. has released another adorable skybox – the banana.pancake . You can also find these adorable rugs FOR FREE at her shop!

nordari. [SLurl]

Spring has come to New Trails! New grasses, new trees, and a rainbow of mushrooms from designer Vitrail Illios!

New Trails [SLurl]

Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative has just released the Artisan Ubon house – a simple, elegant modern prefab. It’s a little on the smaller side, which I really like – a living area and 2 bedrooms, and tons of natural light.

Scarlet Creative [SLurl]

Don’t forget – check back here tomorrow morning for a LM to the Home Expo! Whee!

Whirlwind updates…NOW!


Hi there! I am currently busy with these things:

These are both amazing and awesome events, so make sure you check them both out!

Now, because of these awesome events, I am not acting the part of faithful blogger like I should. I do have stuff to share with you, and I’m gonna – it’s just gonna be in a quick whirlwind of vendor pics and very few words. How’s that sound? Alright? Let’s go!

First, a new release from La’Licious Designs – super cute dollhouse bedroom!

La’Licious Designs [SLurl]

Next, we have a new shop – Growbox! Designed by Makaio Stygian and featured at Trompe Loeil Prefabs, a great new place for really gorgeous sculpted flowers.

Growbox [SLurl]

Cheap Cheap – another new shop with a precious logo and an enticing name. 😉 I haven’t had a chance to check out the shop yet; designer Flanelle Bebb sent me a folder of pics and things to play with, and it looks like cute, shabby chic, and sometimes silly stuff! That’s my kind of stuff!

Cheap Cheap [SLurl]

And finally, the team at NOTsoBAD has been super busy! They’ve just released a few new series of beds – gorgeous, of course, as is everything from NOTsoBAD – and also packed with tons of really fun animations! They include the naughty stuff 😉 but also lots of casual, fun, hanging out animations. You can see the menu in the first set of pics, below:

There are also a bunch of new, modern, low prim lighting options…AND, if you’re in the SOM group, then you already know about the group gift, the  Nottam skybox! If you’re not in the SOM — well, you should be. So, go join. 🙂

NOTsoBAD [SLurl]

Talk to you soon! Now, go shop!

Some cool stuff!


Hello! Just a few quick items. First — the Home, Garden, & Patio Expo 2009 starts Monday!!! I’ll post again with more info and a SLurl once the expo is open to the public. I’m really excited, on two levels: 1) as a home decor/design blogger, this is a dream come true…and 2) I will have a Second Spaces display set up, and I’ve been hard at work making newness! There are 55 designers participating in the Expo – several are very familiar to me and have been featured here, and there are a lot of names that are new to me, so I can’t wait to see what sort of cool stuff there is to discover! More info coming soon!

Now let me share some more Belle Belle goodies with you. 🙂 Leyla Firefly just keeps releasing more great stuff and sending it to me – and by damn, I will post it! 🙂 Belle Belle is participating in the SL Discovery Hunt that has just kicked off today, and her hunt prize may be worth the entire hunt, all on its own. Check this out:


You get everything seen here! (Minus the large brick buildings and the cute redhead.) …(Ok, the redhead is negotiable.) The patio WITH flowers, the table, the umbrella, the fence, and most importantly, the barbecue AND the tongs I’m using to turn my meat! 😉 Now THAT is a prize package. The barbecue is animated and also gives out hamburgers, and the table’s 6 seats are animated for eating, drinking, and chatting, and the placemats provide utensils. I love this with all my <3.

You can get more info on the Discovery Hunt at www.sldiscovery.com – the Belle Belle set was created just for the hunt and is not available for purchase…so go to the website, get the info and starting points, and get to hunting!

Talk to you soon!