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Home Expo Goodness – part 8 (whew)


Hi again! Before I share more awesome Expo finds, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be the lucky participant in tonight’s Meet The Designer session, hosted by Prim Perfect. So, if you’d like to meet me, ask me some stuff, and just hang out in general, then please come out to the Prim Perfect Pavilion at 6PM SLT tonight!

Meet The Designer: Elle Kirshner (that’s me!) – 6PM SLT – [SLurl]

Alright, on to the stuff!

La’Licious Designs by Amaliscious Destiny: Amaliscious has a super precious display at Expo, showcasing some of her best. She’s got a fairly new little shabby garden display set up for RFL, and she also has her adorable shabby chic greenhouse set up. The greenhouse has been out for a while, but it’s still one of my favorites!

La’Licious at Home Expo [SLurl]

Pitsch Parx of UrbanizeD has a huge display set up, and it’s just gorgeous! There’s so much to see, I couldn’t possibly show it all here. He’s got a ton of really cute grasses and flowers, both set up in vendors AND being used throughout the display, so this is a must-see for anyone looking to spice up their garden!

UrbanizeD at Home Expo [SLurl]

MudHoney by Rayvn Hynes: I lovelovelove all the green I found at Rayvn’s parcel! The garden chairs are so sweet!

MudHoney at Home Expo [SLurl]

Arctic Greenhouse by Logan Bauer: I think Arctic Greenhouse is my #1 pick in all of SL for sculpted plants. Logan’s detail is amazing – the shapes and textures, the gorgeous colors…love!

Arctic Greenhouse at Home Expo [SLurl]

reBourne PreFabs by Danny Bourne: I am familiar with Danny’s work, but hadn’t really checked it out in quite a while. You guys know I’m not a fan of big mansion-style houses in SL, but wow! If you’re gonna do it, this is how to do it!

As usual, I do NOT have SL shadows enabled, so all that luscious light and shadow is baked right into the textures. I love how Danny has the faded shadow of the stair rail on the back wall going up the stairs – great touch. Speaking of great, I totally ♥ this staircase! You’ve got to see this house in person to fully appreciate how ornate it is…I just love the light and shadow play all over it!

reBourne at Home Expo [SLurl]

The post where i tell you about stuff


Hi! Here’s what I have for you today – first, a new release from La’Licious Designs: the Old Door Table set!

Available now at La’Licious [SLurl]


Next, another amazing house from Maxwell Graf of Rustica the Forever House, another in his series of LagNmoor Village houses. (If you’ve never checked out the prefabs at Rustica, then get to it!) There are a ton of great features in this house, but what I want to emphasize here is that this awesome build is only 280 prims! Now, 280 is not slight, sure – but look at the detail and character you get for only 280 prims!

See it here [SLurl]!


The Loft has announced “Rooms To Go” – some new items and some remixes of existing items, all geared towards easy custom decorating for you! Read more about it on The Loft’s blog, and check out just a few samples:

The Loft [SLurl]

Are there any Tuesday song titles other than ‘Ruby Tuesday’?


Hi there! Lots of quick hits for you today!

Spruce Up Your Space in May!

HoneyLicious Spaces is happy to announce the Spruce Up Your Space May theme: Working 9 To 5!

Our designers have been asked to let their imaginations run wild with all styles of office decor, for any kind of office, including furniture, accessories, and anything else you’d put in an office!

Once again this month, we’re going to have one big mega-weekend and all SUYS designers will release their animal prints at the same time! All May releases will be out on May 22 – don’t miss it, they’ll only be available at special discount prices for that weekend! See ya then!


NOTsoBAD has a 20% off sale on houses and beds, going on now!

NOTsoBAD [SLurl]


Now available at MudHoney Grandma’s Chair set!

MudHoney [SLurl]


Just in time for summer, La’Licious Designs has released the Family Fun Pool!

La’Licious [SLurl]


MB-CreationZ has some gorgeous new landscaping items – I love the foliage you can use to decorate your own palm trees!

MB-CreationZ [SLurl]

Whirlwind updates…NOW!


Hi there! I am currently busy with these things:

These are both amazing and awesome events, so make sure you check them both out!

Now, because of these awesome events, I am not acting the part of faithful blogger like I should. I do have stuff to share with you, and I’m gonna – it’s just gonna be in a quick whirlwind of vendor pics and very few words. How’s that sound? Alright? Let’s go!

First, a new release from La’Licious Designs – super cute dollhouse bedroom!

La’Licious Designs [SLurl]

Next, we have a new shop – Growbox! Designed by Makaio Stygian and featured at Trompe Loeil Prefabs, a great new place for really gorgeous sculpted flowers.

Growbox [SLurl]

Cheap Cheap – another new shop with a precious logo and an enticing name. 😉 I haven’t had a chance to check out the shop yet; designer Flanelle Bebb sent me a folder of pics and things to play with, and it looks like cute, shabby chic, and sometimes silly stuff! That’s my kind of stuff!

Cheap Cheap [SLurl]

And finally, the team at NOTsoBAD has been super busy! They’ve just released a few new series of beds – gorgeous, of course, as is everything from NOTsoBAD – and also packed with tons of really fun animations! They include the naughty stuff 😉 but also lots of casual, fun, hanging out animations. You can see the menu in the first set of pics, below:

There are also a bunch of new, modern, low prim lighting options…AND, if you’re in the SOM group, then you already know about the group gift, the  Nottam skybox! If you’re not in the SOM — well, you should be. So, go join. 🙂

NOTsoBAD [SLurl]

Talk to you soon! Now, go shop!

Saturday-appropriate title goes here!


Happy Saturday, dear readers! I’ve got quite a few things to share with you today,  and so I will do that. Starting…………now.

Opening today, the Hallelujah Azul Art Walk!

art walk

Go check it out here!

Speaking of art, Marnix Malifozik sent me a sample of his work from his gallery Swirly Disco Flames – which  may be the best gallery name ever. In Marnix’s words,

We can talk about fractals, we can talk about mathematical transformations and graphical representations of numericals sequences. Or we can just talk about Swirly Disco Flames.

This is fun stuff – modern, abstract, and well, just cool to look at. Marnix also accepts requests for custom work, and I think a personalized piece would be great for any modern decor.

marnix all

Visit the gallery here!

Speaking of modern decor – my friend Amaliscious Destiny sent me a promo pic of her newest set at La’Licious Designs – the Tintable Kitchen! Nice clean lines, great detailing on the island, and of course, it’s tintable, so you can make it work with your color scheme!

la licious

See it up close here!

Speaking of colors, let’s talk about ORANGE Creations. Nut Barak, the designer behind ORANGE, sent me a copy of the Eclipse Loft, and Oh. My. Goodness. Nut puts a lot of focus on shadows and light in his textures, and the result is realistically amazing. I love the impact that baked textures can have on the feel of a building or decor in SL, and the Eclipse is just right.

orange bath all

Look closely at the metal columns in the middle pic, above – they seem to be reflecting the orange  of the cushions. THAT, my friends, is awesome detail in texturing.

The Eclipse includes 3 different floor textures, tons of animations in the built-in seating, as well as in the furniture pieces (which are included), and also a rezzing system built into the house that will rez and place the furniture for you.That’s really handy for making sure your shadows and lighting line up between the furniture and the house.

orange living all

orange kitchen all

orange misc all

Nut has a few other prefabs available, all just as well-detailed, and definitely worth a look. Go see all he has to offer here!