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Hi! I haven’t had a lot of time to get around and check out all the Halloween decor offerings this year, but I did take a few minutes to hit some of my favorite spots to see what sorts of goodies they have out – and now I present my findings to you!

Belle Bell [SLurl]

LISP Bazaar [SLurl]

MB-Creationz [SLurl]

Heart Garden [SLurl]

Great stuff! β™₯

What’s that you ask? Oh! Why, yes, I DO have Halloween items out at Second Spaces, as well. πŸ™‚ See more about that, right over here.


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Hi there. I feel like I have to apologize for my lack of good old-fashioned blogging, where I share cool things with you from around the grid. For about 3 months, since my massive PC upgrade, Emerald just doesn’t want me to take pics in SL anymore…and pics tend to be fairly critical in blogging. So please know that I have not forsaken you, and I will continue to seek a solution so that I can much more easily take some !@#$%^ blog pics and keep you more frequently updated on things. Having said that, I endured approximately 15 crashes last night so that I could grab some pics from my list of “hey, I should blog these things because they’re cool” landmarks. You’re welcome! πŸ˜‰

Blackstar by Izzy Dench – this is a great build to go check out even if you’re just browsing. Lots of pretty awesome clothing here, too, but what I want to share are some of the prefabs that are available. All of Izzy’s prefabs have a great grungy look to them, and sometimes a little fantasy/whimsy mixed in. Just a sample:

Make sure to head over to the Freebies building, too – look what I found! (Ignore the price on the vendor pic – these truly are freebies!)

Blackstar [SLurl]


Lost Dawn by Raki Barbosa – another great resource for grunge items – pretty much everything you see in the pics is available for purchase! Great stuff for accessorizing spaces. The warehouse is available as a prefab — I really love it – and the furniture in the warehouse is available, too!

Lost Dawn [SLurl]


And to close out, more really cute stuff from Minke Bailey at MB-CreationZ! She’s just released these Sculpted Mannequins – I love this idea for accessory decor! These would be great in a glam bedroom/dressing room, or a sewing room or artsy/crafty workroom. Gorgeous!

MB-CreationZ [SLurl]

Are there any Tuesday song titles other than ‘Ruby Tuesday’?


Hi there! Lots of quick hits for you today!

Spruce Up Your Space in May!

HoneyLicious Spaces is happy to announce the Spruce Up Your Space May theme: Working 9 To 5!

Our designers have been asked to let their imaginations run wild with all styles of office decor, for any kind of office, including furniture, accessories, and anything else you’d put in an office!

Once again this month, we’re going to have one big mega-weekend and all SUYS designers will release their animal prints at the same time! All May releases will be out on May 22 – don’t miss it, they’ll only be available at special discount prices for that weekend! See ya then!


NOTsoBAD has a 20% off sale on houses and beds, going on now!

NOTsoBAD [SLurl]


Now available at MudHoney Grandma’s Chair set!

MudHoney [SLurl]


Just in time for summer, La’Licious Designs has released the Family Fun Pool!

La’Licious [SLurl]


MB-CreationZ has some gorgeous new landscaping items – I love the foliage you can use to decorate your own palm trees!

MB-CreationZ [SLurl]

Hopping down the Bunny Trail…and stuff


Happy Easter weekend! Here’s some stuff you need — NEED — to make your Bunny Weekend complete!

Starlust Egg Hunt – the hunt kicks off today and ends on Sunday. My satellite store is participating — just look for my Easter Egg! Hint: it’s outside the shop. Look carefully!

Here’s what you’ll get – for FREE! – when you find that egg! The Easter version of the Laryn Comfy Chair!

Second Spaces @ Starlust Elliott [SLurl]

I also hopped (heh) around to a few places that I knew would have awesome Easter stuff…and I was right! Take a look at just a smidge of the goodies you’ll find at MB-Creationz!

MB-Creationz [SLurl]

Over at BelleΒ  Belle, my darling Leyla has all sorts of delicious and adorable things for you!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things and Fallingwater Flowers is back with some new gorgeous flowers for your spring garden!

Fallingwater Flowers [SLurl]

Hop on over, and other bunny-related comments!

The Love Countdown continues


Valentine’s Day is looming ever nearer — I have had zero inspiration for creating Second Spaces Val Day Stuff…which is ok, since other designers are moving right along! Maybe I’ll get a brilliant idea in the next day or so, but in the meantime – check out this stuff. πŸ™‚

[ba] Barnesworth Anubis – Barnes has just released his Love Shack *wink wink*. It’sΒ  available in 7 colors, and they aren’t all “valentine-y” either, so they’re great for year-round use! These would look totally cute on a beach!! Here’s a peek at 4 of the available colors:

Available now at [ba] – Slurl

Minke Bailey of MB-Creationz has a ton of whimsical Valentine items for you! This is straight-up Valentine stuff – lots and lots of red and pink, hearts and flowers, all gorgeously detailed and almost over the top, but in a really good way. πŸ™‚

This is just a tiny portion of what’s available, so be sure to swing by and see it all. I guarantee you’ll find something special for your sweetie! (Or for me…I’m just sayin’.)

MB-Creationz SLurl

Don’t forget, Spruce Up Your Space starts this weekend! See the original post for the info, and stay tuned for details about this weekend’s release!