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Bloemendaal is fun to say out loud.


Hi! I am, predictably, playing catch up again with my reviews. Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie sent me her recent prefab release, The Bloemendaal. This is a very clean-lined neutral modern from the outside, but the light and shadow detail inside really make it come to life!

The first time I reviewed Dutchie on this blog, I commented on the lack of shadow and depth in the textures. That is absolutely no longer the case! Froukje has really upped her game, and what I’ve seen from her shop in the past few months has been really wonderful texturing and baked finishes. Speaking of textures – it can’t really be captured in a photo, but the pool uses an animated texture that really looks like sunlight glinting off the water. I love it!

I really like the little foyer area – complete with coat rack AND coats. 🙂 The foyer opens to the back of the house, and also has a door off to the left to take you to the bedroom. (wink, wink) If you head to the back, there’s an open living/dining area that leads to the back deck and pool, as well as a room just perfect for an office space.

All the furniture/decor shown here comes with the house, OR you can purchase it unfurnished. There’s a great little kitchen, as well, and I really like the furniture and accessories featured in there. The island is so cute – I’m a sucker for kitchen islands!

The house is a single bedroom layout – although I’m sure you could use the office as a bedroom if you wanted – with a nice, large spa-style bathroom. I applaud the use of dark wood on the one bathroom wall – it really warms up the neutral palette in there.

That’s the Bloemendaal – definitely a recommended must-see if your tastes are more modern.

See it at Dutchie! [SLurl]




It’s a big week at Second Spaces for the awesome design team over at NOTsoBAD. I just blogged a few of their furniture sets a few days ago…and then they were kind enough to send me their most recent prefab release, and oh. em. gee. I had seen the Eams Modern House here and there around the blogosphere, but to see it up close and in person – SO much better. Which means that, after you read this post, you MUST get over to NsB and check it out. K? K.

Look at that! Now, while I am mostly a shabby chic, vintage kind of gal, I simply cannot resist well-done modern! And this, my friends, is superbly well-done. This is a really pic-heavy post, and the pics speak for themselves, so I’m not gonna say much(-ish)…but I do want to be sure to tell you that I do not have shadows enabled for these, so all that delicious shadow and light you see is built right in to the textures. ♥

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Sunday News!


Happy Sunday, dear readers! Just some quick newness from some of my favorite designers for you today. I’m also working on another Halloween post, and hope to have that for you tomorrow!

Scarlet Creative: Charlotte Bartlett has just released a gorgeous new modern prefab, the Artisan Zero. Clean lines, open and airy concept, great details…and I love the colored glass! It’s like candy. 🙂 Some highlights of the house:

  • 3 fully animated pool areas with couple poses
  • Interactive Lighting System with mood lighting throughout
  • Glass Options from multi coloured different panels for social settings through to sleek white with rendered lights
  • Party Lighting to exterior deck
  • Security system for doors
  • Fits 4096 Plots and upwards.

scarlett creative all

Scarlet Creative


Ambiance Interactive: Desiree Bisiani let me know that she’s re-worked the beds at Ambiance! Now you have a choice between PG-animated beds, and beds that are bit more of an R-rating. 😉 Both options have a ton of animations to choose from (and the PG version includes lots of my animations from Pulling Strings 🙂 ), so there’s always something new and exciting to try out. She sent over the Henna set for me to check out – it’s a set that Ambiance has had for a while, complete with texture change system like all of Ambiance’s furniture, and now available with PG or Intimate Encounters beds!

amb set allAs it always seems to go, I had no one around to help me try out the animations. 😦 I did cycle thru the menus though – and there are A LOT to cycle through! The PG bed has a ton of cute friends poses and couples poses; the couples poses are along the lines of sweet, casual cuddling. Oh, and the ottoman in the set is also animated with a bunch of singles poses for boys and girls – really cute lounges, book reading, things like that. In the Intimate Encounters bed…well, it’s just oh so much more. 😉 To give you just a small sample:

amb cuddles menus

amb encounters menus

Seriously, that’s probably not quite half of all the options available. There’s also an animation buried in there somewhere named “Anvil” – I’m not sure what that is, and I’m afraid to ask. 😉 Grab a pal and go check out all the options for yourself!

Ambiance Interactive

*Designer Review* ::INside:: Interior Design


Hello, dear readers. I received a review request for INside weeks and weeks ago, and I’m just now getting to it. I am a bad blogger! Now, on to the review…

Kymbah Spicer is the designer behind INside, and her style leans toward contemporary modern. Mostly straight clean lines, very few curves – really quite minimalistic overall. Most (possibly all) of her items are available with color change menus, and all furniture is animated — plenty of adult poses are available in the appropriate pieces…you know, for sexy time. 😉 A few things that caught my eye:

Lexington Living Room: the couch really doesn’t do it for me. It looks like perhaps an older piece – note the poseballs, and almost all of the rest of Kymbah’s inventory is menu-driven for poses. However, the colors in the rug and painting really appeal to me — the table has a nice twist with the multi-level surface and the magazine rack on the end. I also really like the large vases with bamboo – that’s one of my favorite things in RL. Each vase is 20 prims, which is hefty – so someone out there needs to create a sculpty bamboo cluster, please! Overall, the room has a nice 70s retro feel, without being TOO 70s.


Petals Sofa/Chair: as I mentioned above, you don’t get a lot of curves at INside, but there are some, like this sofa and chair. It’s a nice art deco feel that’s also echoed in the Empire coffee table.  An elaborate crystal chandelier would be great over that table to really enhance the glam art deco feel. Ooh, and a zebra skin rug. Ooh, or leopard print!


Lover Milk Bath: I like that this is a milk bath (great for the skin), and I really like the added touch of rose petals floating in the milk. That’s just cute. 🙂 The tub comes with single poses AND with those aforementioned adult poses for those times you’re not in there alone. 😉


Kama Sutra sketches: Ok, these just make me giggle. Haha, boobies. 🙂


Kymbah also has a website you can check out for more pics of her items – http://www.insidefurnituresl.com – it’s a very nice site, so definitely take a look. If you’re looking for basic modern pieces, especially anchor pieces around which to build a room, I would say INside is worth a look-see.

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