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“Bungalow” sounds like a retro dance move – everyone do the BungaLow!!


Another house for you today! Annunziata Macchi (my music soul mate ♥) of Molto Bene sent me her Jensen Bungalow a few weeks ago. I like this one – I don’t know that I can pinpoint a certain style in which to categorize it – but I do like the looks of it.

I’d like to see a little more texture depth on the exterior, but I think the mix of plaster and brick is a nice choice.

Inside are three rooms – one on the left, and two on the right. Nice-sized rooms, and laid out so that the choice of what room goes in what space is really up to you. I like the idea of having the bedroom on the left, separated from the rest of the house, and then use the two rooms on the right as living/dining/kitchen/office.

I like the half-paneled walls; the wood lends a rustic feel. My absolute favorite part of the Jensen, however, is the breezeway porch. I love breezeways!!!

Oh, how cute the porch would be all filled with flowers and a cute little bench seat! ♥

Be sure to stop by Molto Bene to see the Jensen Bungalow for yourself! [SLurl]

Molto Bene had a farm….house


My music soul mate (MSM), Annunziata Macchi, sent me her latest release from Molto Bene – the Farmhouse. This is a cute little cabin, and it totally reminds me of houses in North Carolina where my relatives lived when I was a kid…there were always lots of little houses that were not so wide, but were very deep.

*PLEASE NOTE: I think SL was being super goofy for me when I was taking these pics. The doors at the back of the house refused to rez for me, ever – so in these pics, they have that weird unrezzed sculpt blob thing going on, and I apologize! Just ignore that!*

Inside, the Farmhouse is just a simple 3 room layout, very light and airy. I’d love to see some more depth/definition at the wall/floor corners, but I do like the textures that Annunziata used, especially the rough wood planks.

The bedroom ceiling is vaulted, which is a nice touch to keep it feeling open…plus it has 3 doors that open to the back porch, which is so nice for waterfront properties.

I also love that Annunziata has the windows open throughout the house – makes me picture soft white billowy curtains blowing in a spring breeze. Nice. 🙂 I also love that she has this tiny little hall leading to the bedroom – it just seems very sweet country to me.

Check out the Farmhouse at Molto Bene![SLurl]

I love Jake Ryan.


Happy Sunday! I’ve got a few fun things for you today!

First, a new skybox from Molto BeneSamantha Baker’s Bedroom! This is so cute – i LOVE how designer Annunziata Macchi built this true to form to look like an attic space, with the stairs and the door…just like in the movie!!

(Oh, and if you couldn’t tell what movie without checking the link, then you are no child of the 80s, my friend!!)

I’d like to see more shadow and depth to define the walls – it’s a little hard to tell that the window seat is recessed and that those walls are angled. Otherwise, though, this is such a cute little space, perfect for fixing up a really girly getaway – and we all need one of those!

The Samantha  Baker’s Bedroom skybox is part of Project Themeory this week, and is only 75L, so be sure to grab it quickly!

Molto Bene [SLurl]


I was contacted by Vikki Placebo recently, and she also sent over her latest release, the Foundry Table. She has a little shop set up in the North Yard sim of the Wastelands estate; her stock right now is pretty small, just a few items, but I like what I see! She’s got great use of sculpts and really well-done texturing, which I always appreciate. Let me show you the Foundry Table first —

It’s a simple table, but very well done. It’s texture changeable, with a few more textures than I included in these pics, and they’re all really good. I love the industrial feel of the table, and really really love that Vikki included the cross-support bars underneath. Those are the kinds of details that up the awesomeness. I could see this table as a dining table…a sideboard…a sofa table…it would look great in a city loft, for a little bit of grunge.

I checked out Vikki’s in-world shop – again, there’s not much to see, but I do like what’s there. Like these grungy, battered street signs — great texturing, and the sculpts are awesome for giving some real depth to the pieces, where the metal has been bent and battered.

Be sure to check out Vikki’s stuff on Marketplace, too – you can find a few more items there, including her Utility Poles System, which looks really cool, and is perfect for sprawling cityscapes and landscapes.

I look forward to seeing more from Vikki!

Vikki Placebo [SLurl]

Cute things you should know about


Hiya! I’m way behind on blogging, as usual, so here’s a quick post to share some cute stuff that’s waiting for you on the grid. Go!

Annunziata Macchi, designer behind Molto Bene AND my music soul mate ♥, sent me her latest precious little prefab, the Artisan Cottage. I LOVE tiny wee houses like this – they’re just so cute and precious, and just perfect for little garden or forest spaces.

The Artisan Cottage is just one little room inside, but still big enough for a living area and an office area, or bedroom – and probably more with creative planning. I like the rough wood textures, and the wallpaper on the side wall makes me happy with its subtle funkiness. 🙂 (totally a band name: Subtle Funkiness! \m/)

My favorite little detail: a closet. Little SL closets always make me giggle.

Check it out at Molto Bene! [SLurl]

*all furniture from Second Spaces; baskets in the closet are from Y’s House


I recently shared some items with you from Pocket Gardens, by Carter Denja and Stormy Aluveau. In my previous review post, I mentioned my preference for more sculpted flowers and less flat prim-textured flowers, and Carter let me know that they took that to heart! She sent me a new little set, Study In Red, that uses sculpted flowers. So cute!

The Study In Red set also includes a more formal planter to use, but I like the freestanding grouping better. Makes it look like a really fancy wildflower that randomly popped up. The grouping with the bird is also scripted with chirping sounds for ambiance, which is sweet.

Great job with this set, and I look forward to seeing more!

Pocket Gardens [SLurl]


This is slightly old news, but just to be sure you all know: Cheap Cheap has reopened! Designer Wanda Aie (formerly Flanelle Bebb) is set up once again, now on the Triva sim, so be sure to stop by! Cute stuff for you!

Cheap Cheap [SLurl]

Molto Bene!


Not only is Molto Bene! an excellent all-purpose blog post title, it’s also the name of the pre-fab shop owned by my musical soul mate, Annunziata Macchi. I’ve had my eye on Molto Bene! since its beginning, because it’s really cute stuff, and I just hadn’t gotten around to actually blogging it. Luckily, Annunziata gave me a little push when she sent over her Harwich Colonial house for me to check out.

The Harwich is available in “full size” and “mini” – I pulled out the mini version to play with, and really, it’s a great size for 1-2 people. The full size is still quite cozy, too, which I like – so be sure to check that one out, as well.

The porch is great, plenty of room for a cute seating area, and very inviting. I’m a porch fiend, as it is, and this one makes me happy. When you step inside, you find a nice living room that could easily be multi-functional; the angles of the room seem very conducive to zones, so you can set up a living area, an office, maybe a craft area – lots of possibilities here. My absolute favorite thing in this room is the closet under the stairs, which you can see in the 2nd picture below — I love nooks! That space would be wasted otherwise – I love that Annunziata took the time to give that area some attention.

Adjacent to the living room is an attached sunroom that would be great as a kitchen. Upstairs is a single bedroom – lots of room for a nice comfy bed, dressing area, maybe a sitting area, too.

Some of the details that caught my eye are the transom window over the doorway between the living room and sunroom — I love a transom! – and the crown molding detail in some of the wall textures. It’s a simple touch that gives a bit of sophistication.

Overall, the Harwich is definitely a must-see if you’re house-hunting. You guys know how picky I am, so of course, I would love to see a bit more shading in the wall textures, especially the exterior walls – but the way Annunziata has used the artchitecture to work with her textures, I wouldn’t say it’s lacking depth, not at all. Great job!

Be sure to stop by the Molto Bene! location to check out Annunziata’s other items. Some of my favorites:

Molto Bene! [SLurl]

You can also check it out on XStreet!

*Furniture shown is from The Loft, La’Licious Designs, and Second Spaces. Landscaping items are from Heart Garden, Organica, and Botanical.*