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Day of the Dead


I had the best intentions this past week of posting a round-up of all the cool Halloween-related decor items I could find around the grid…but clearly, that didn’t happen. I do want to share with you, though, all the cool stuff that Vitrail Illios has available at New Trails. I have always loved everything Vitrail comes out with, and his Los Calaveras collection is gorgeous! So bright and colorful, and so much to choose from!

There are a ton of skulls available in so many colors, as well as trees and grasses, too. I also really like the roots that Vitrail has for these trees; the roots are a separate object, so they’re optional…but who wouldn’t want them?! They add so much character. The tree shadows are included separately, too, and if you have prim availability for them, I totally recommend using them. They give so much definition to the whole setting!

Speaking of prims: the regular trees you see – the ones without the hanging skulls, but with the lights and the moss – are only 3 prims, and the coordinating roots are only 1 prim. That’s pretty awesome for so much detail!

There’s still time to do some wickedly awesome decorating before the Day of the Dead gets here! Get over to New Trails now!! [SLurl]

I may do some shopping today.


Hi! Just a quick post – I’ve seen quite a few cute things being released today and I just wanted to be sure you saw them, too! It’s a service I provide.

Antonia Marat has a new super cute mailbox at Artilleri Home! Those colors are like candy ♥

Artilleri Home [SLurl]

We’ve got two really cute home decor items in Fifty Linden Friday this week!

From Jordan Giant and Nordari:

Nordari [SLurl]

From Flutter Memel of cluttered flowey:

(There’s also a Dark set)

cluttered flowey [SLurl]

Don’t forget – the items at Nordari and cluttered flowey are only 50L, only for today!!

I was also happy to see a new pine tree from Vitrail Illios over at New Trails – he’s always one of my favorites!

New Trails [SLurl]

Happy shopping!

Monday things


Hi there! Just have some updates to share with you from designers around the grid – here ya go!

La’Licious Designs has just released two versions of a totally cute shabby chic bedroom, part of the Trash To Treasures collection!

La’Licious Designs [SLurl]


The Heather Living Room is new from ARIA. Great texturing and shading, and great foundational pieces to build a room around.

ARIA [SLurl]


New Trails has a new oak tree – just 2 prims! – that includes shadows, groundcovers, and a blossom particle emitter. All the things that make New Trails trees awesome! Even better, until 2pm SLT on June 15th, you can get a special deal:

  • Buy a transfer pack and get a second one (same size) for free!
  • Buy a copy pack and get all sizes for the price of 1 pack!

There’s also a cute bonsai version of the tree that’s available for FREE until June 15th at 2pm SLT! Be sure to pick that up!

New Trails [SLurl]


New from Dutchie Furniture is the Holle Bilt prefab. I really like the combination of the antique farmhouse feel with the modern interior – and the textures and shading look very well done. The house is available furnished or unfurnished, and the furniture is also available separately for purchase.

Dutchie Furniture [SLurl]



Just a few quick, new(ish) things from around the grid. I wanted to get this post in before all the Home Expo madness starts tomorrow. What Home Expo, you ask? Well….

[Insert squee here!!] Home Expo 2010 starts tomorrow!! Eight sims worth of houses, furniture, decor, landscaping…nirvana! Check back here in the morning, and I’ll give you the LM!

NOW, on to the new(ish)ness from around the grid. First up, Jordan Giant of nordari. has released another adorable skybox – the banana.pancake . You can also find these adorable rugs FOR FREE at her shop!

nordari. [SLurl]

Spring has come to New Trails! New grasses, new trees, and a rainbow of mushrooms from designer Vitrail Illios!

New Trails [SLurl]

Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative has just released the Artisan Ubon house – a simple, elegant modern prefab. It’s a little on the smaller side, which I really like – a living area and 2 bedrooms, and tons of natural light.

Scarlet Creative [SLurl]

Don’t forget – check back here tomorrow morning for a LM to the Home Expo! Whee!

[Insert clever title here]


Happy Monday, dear readers!! Lots of new things released over the weekend, and I’m going to tell you about them right now. 🙂 It’s what I do.

Artilleri Home: Antonia Marat has released more superbly awesome vintage furniture that, well, you all need. Now. Go.


Artilleri Home


Back to my quest for awesome autumn and Halloween items – Aki Shichiroji of Organica has some wonderful creepy trees for your haunted spaces!

organica all



Vitrail Illios of New Trails has an absolute ton of awesome autumn and Halloween items for you to check out! Just released are several versions of spooky, ghostly pumkpins; these join Vitrail’s gorgeous sculpted pumpkins (non-spooky) and all of them are adorable!

new trails all

You’ve got to go see these in person – some are animated, all are fun. 🙂

There are also some new autumn trees available, and they include all the wonders that New Trails trees offer: groundcovers, static and animated shadows, and falling leave particles! The Autumn Feast series of trees includes spanish moss in the trees, as well as strings of lights – I’ve got my eye on some of these as I start to decorate my sim for fall!

new trails trees all

And finally, here’s one more reason you need to join the New Trails SOM group, if you haven’t already. He gives great group gifts, and this is what I got this weekend:

new trails gift

The Sinner and The Saint! They attach to your shoulders, and I love them!

New Trails