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Happy Monday, dear readers!! Lots of new things released over the weekend, and I’m going to tell you about them right now. 🙂 It’s what I do.

Artilleri Home: Antonia Marat has released more superbly awesome vintage furniture that, well, you all need. Now. Go.


Artilleri Home


Back to my quest for awesome autumn and Halloween items – Aki Shichiroji of Organica has some wonderful creepy trees for your haunted spaces!

organica all



Vitrail Illios of New Trails has an absolute ton of awesome autumn and Halloween items for you to check out! Just released are several versions of spooky, ghostly pumkpins; these join Vitrail’s gorgeous sculpted pumpkins (non-spooky) and all of them are adorable!

new trails all

You’ve got to go see these in person – some are animated, all are fun. 🙂

There are also some new autumn trees available, and they include all the wonders that New Trails trees offer: groundcovers, static and animated shadows, and falling leave particles! The Autumn Feast series of trees includes spanish moss in the trees, as well as strings of lights – I’ve got my eye on some of these as I start to decorate my sim for fall!

new trails trees all

And finally, here’s one more reason you need to join the New Trails SOM group, if you haven’t already. He gives great group gifts, and this is what I got this weekend:

new trails gift

The Sinner and The Saint! They attach to your shoulders, and I love them!

New Trails

*Home Expo 2009* My finds so far!


Day 1 of the Expo was great! Good traffic, I saw lots of green dots on the map, hanging out at the main stage, and I had lots of visitors to my exhibit. Yay! I did find time to explore 2 of the 4 sims, and I’m going to share some of the cool stuff I found. 🙂

FIRST – let me say this: go the the Expo. 🙂 Here’s the SLurl to my exhibit — start there and then make your way around. Be sure to spend some time at the main stage area — there are raffle items as well as silent auction items! I have not yet checked out all the silent auction items – I’ll do that soon – but I can tell you that I donated my animation services as part of the auction. 🙂 Five custom furniture animations (single pose), of the winner’s choosing. Woot!

Ok, now for the good stuff!

MarcoPolo Furniture by marcopol Oh – a new designer to me – some nice modern furniture, with a bit of a funky pop-art vibe. Two pieces I like are the Table with Wheels and the Square Diamond Dresser:

marco-allHouses for You by Kira Spaatz – another new designer for me. There are a few prefabs set up for display…it’s the Arabian tent that caught my eye. Great texturing – it feels very rich!

arabian-tent-allBelle Belle by Leyla Firefly – of course, one of my favorites. 🙂 Leyla is showing the Mystique Dreamhouse, and this is also her RFL item, so all proceeds from this purchase will go to Relay For Life! I think this may be Belle Belle’s first house, and it’s a great one. I didn’t take pics of the inside, because I want you to go see for yourself :). It’s a nice size without being too big, and has lots of nice artchitectural details.


Another Man’s Treasure by Stormy McCallister – Stormy has been very busy! I ran into her Sunday night while she was setting up…and I was snooping ;)…and we played with the poses in her new living set. It’s full of really sweet, cute couples poses, so be sure to take a pal with you to try them out. 🙂 I really love the colors she’s used in the Arata Spring Collection…and, as always, her fireplace is the awesome!

amt_all2Greene Concept by Peter Stindberg & Ivanova Shostakovich – Greene Concept’s exhibit is catty-corner to mine, which is nice since Peter is my pal. 🙂 Their display looks great — very eye-catching and modern. They’ve got all their staples displayed, with their multitude of gorgeous texture options, and also a few new pieces that I love! The Twisty Bench is awesome – it’s like the modern “twist” on the Victorian conversation bench…and the Brushed Coffee Table is a great match for the Emphasis chairs.


Sentiments by Sidda – Sidda Jubilee – Sidda is set up across from me, another shop that’s new to me. She has several styles of really precious swings — and you know I love a swing! – both singles and bench swings. I love the ribbon detail!


Organica by Aki Shichiroji – dear readers, you know I ❤ Organica. So I took a picture of her entire exhibit. It’s all perfection and you need a little bit of everything. 🙂 I already have most of everything, AND I picked up the pack of ferns. You can never have enough ferns.

That’s all for now! More pictures coming as soon as I get out and explore the other two sims. Get out there yourself, and enjoy!

These are a few of my favorite things


I realize this is like cheat-blogging, and I’m ok with that.  I wanted to get something posted, and I have a list of to-do blog spots that I will get to…but in the meantime, let me show you some things that I have and love! (SLurls are included at the end of the post)

In H&S Village, I’ve set up what I call our fairy garden. The sim itself isn’t especially fantasy-themed, but I loved the fairy gazebo and hideaway from Winx Home & Garden so much that I decided we needed them here! And ta da:



The gorgeous pink gloo trees and the rainbow rays you see coming from above are both from New Trail – if you still haven’t been to the New Trail sim, then go! Now! NOW!

If you look closely, you’ll see little white pollen dander thingies floating around the fairy garden:


I just picked those up from Heart Garden a few weeks ago, and I love them! It’s a particle generator, of course, and you get 12 in a pack, including 4 different pollen shops. The pollen floats all over the sim, just like springtime!

The grasses and flowers you see mixed in are from Organica, and I’ve used them all over the sim. They’re perfect, and only 1 prim per grouping!

Most recently, I’ve fallen in love with Kunstkammer’s new dreamscaping grass, seen here in green and mixed in with daisies from Organica. You can get the dreamscaping grass in grey and jellybean, too.


More cool stuff coming soon!


H&S Village (to see it all in action)

Kunstkammer (main location – there’s a satellite shop in H&S Village, too)

Winx Home & Garden (Be sure to explore the rest of Oubliette, as well – it’s gorgeous!)

New Trail


Heart Garden Centre

*Second Spaces* 9 More Places! Part 7!



Welcome to Part 7 of my 9 More Places! series. Not sure what this is about? Click here for the original post!


Today’s post is another filled with trees and landscaping items. Aki Shichiroji of Organica has put together a gorgeous spot filled with her trees, flowers, grasses, and other outdoor goodies. As always, you know I love a good build, and Organica is a very pleasant, peaceful oasis that you just have to wander around!


It’s also not so large that you feel like you need to leave a trail of bread crumbs, and I really like that, too. Now on to all the stuff I love!

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