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paradise found.


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*pic credits at end of post

Do you realize how many awesome events are STILL going on? We’ve had so many so far, it’s really easy to lose track. But trust me – there are still LOTS of events that you need to check out.

The pic above is made up of pretty much all items that are currently available at special events, or were available at special events very recently. The lesson here? GO TO ALL THE EVENTS.

I love this bed from Isla Gealach and Cheeky Pea – part of the Abbotsford Bedroom set currently available at The Garden – and those chairs!!! Those are the Deconstructed Armchairs, also from Cheeky Pea, available right now at The Home Show. There’s a whole deconstructed set that is amazing and you must check it out. You.

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Also – along with all the awesome in that first pic – how much do you love all the things that {what next} has been releasing lately? Specifically here – the ice cream cart. THE ICE CREAM CART ON A BICYCLE. Genius. Love. Winter Thorn continues to do just amazing things with mesh!! ♥

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Places you need to go:

The Garden [SLurl]

The Home Show [SLurl]

FaMESHed [SLurl]

*pic credits:

bed: Cheeky Pea – Abbotsford Bed (Isla Gealach) *
bed side table: Cheeky Pea – Abbotsford Side Table (Isla Gealach) *
ottoman/lounger: MudHoney – Arden Beach Lounger (Rayvn Hynes) *
rug: MudHoney – Arden Beach Blanket (Rayvn Hynes) *
screen: Cheeky Pea – Rowan Tea Screen (Isla Gealach) ++
chairs: Cheeky Pea – Deconstructed Armchair (Isla Gealach) ^^
coffee table, accessories: Cheeky Pea – Deconstructed Coffee Table (Isla Gealach) ^^
string lights: floorplan. – string lights (Tegan Serin)
wood platform: [ba] – seaside pier (Barnesworth Anubis) *
lanterns (on corner of platform): MudHoney – Sheryl Garden Lantern (Rayvn Hynes)
otters: !O: – Sea Otter Pet (Anya Ohmai)
ukelele: BALACLAVA!! – My Little Ukulele (Uriah Eulenberg)
ice cream cart: {what next} – Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart (Winter Thorn) *
towels: Dutchie – stack of towels (Froukje Hoorenbeek)
beach umbrella: Cheeky Pea – Margarita Beach Tiki Parasol (Isla Gealach)
blanket, pillows, lanterns (on the sand): PILOT – Beach Picnic (Kaz Nayar)
tray with decor (on the blanket): DIGS – Ferryside Tray Decor (Iris Maskelyne) ^^
radio/cooler: [Conspiracy Theory] – Radio Coolbox (Ewan Mureaux)
trunk: Culprit – Old Travel Trunk (Eku Zhong) ^^
TV: Culprit – Retro TV (Eku Zhong) ^^
boardwalk: Botanical – Beach Boardwalk (Kriss Lehmann)
grass (inside the fence): Botanical – Marram Grass (Kriss Lehmann)
dry grass (outside the fence): Turnip’s – Long Dry Grass (Turnip Sorbet)

barrel & hose.


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*pic credits at end of post

There are SO MANY amazing events going on right now, or about to go on, or about to end – just a lot of activity! Home Expo is in full swing…The Arcade is about to kick off…but don’t forget one of our favorite monthlies: Collabor88! In progress right now!!

Over at C88, Kaz Nayar and PILOT have the perfect little outbuilding for your back garden: the Garden Shed. Great mesh work, as always, and wonderful texturing.

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blog 2The Rain Barrel and the Water Hose – both of which I absolutely love – and the Potted Plant Shelves are available at C88 along with the shed. The Garden Tools and the Garden Supplies were offered for FLF a few weeks ago…I don’t think those are available at C88, but hopefully can still be purchased at regular price in Kaz’s main store.

Seriously, the barrel and the hose are amazing. ♥ Also, Barrel & Hose would be a great name for a pub.

Check it out at Collabor88 [SLurl] and at the PILOT main store [SLurl]

*credits for first pic

shed: PILOT – Garden Shed (Kaz Nayar)

chair: {what next} – The Anywhere Lawn Chair (Winter Thorn)
pots (on the ground): Second Spaces – English Garden pots (Elle Kirshner)
crate with pots and fertilizer: PILOT – Garden Supplies (Kaz Nayar)
bucket: POST – Bucket of Autumn Orchard Apples (Van Auster)
boots: [Gos] – Wellingtons (Gospel Voom)
spigot: POST – Old Garden Spigot (Van Auster)
star: POST – Ely Roadside Star (Van Auster)
trash bags: Dutchie – gift: trash (Froukje Hoorenbeek)
barrel: PILOT – Rain Barrel (Kaz Nayar)
hose: PILOT – Water Hose (Kaz Nayar)

tools: PILOT – Garden Tools (Kaz Nayar)
plants on shelves: PILOT – Potted Plant Shelves (Kaz Nayar)
open book: POST – Antique Ornithologial Text (Van Auster)
spilled potting soil & pot, seed packets: Second Spaces – part of Uncle Hank’s Potting Shed (Elle Kirshner)
pots on table and on cabinet: Second Spaces – English Garden pots (Elle Kirshner)
books on upper shelf: Second Spaces – Messy Bookshelf books (Elle Kirshner)
glass bottles: POST – Trio of Salvaged Glass Bottles (Van Auster)
storage boxes (on shelf): The Loft – Storage Box Old Map (Colleen Desmoulins)
baskets: {af} – Wicker Basket (Apple Fall)
wooden horse: PILOT – Its a horse (Kaz Nayar)
boxes (on floor): Tartessos Arts – Boxes (Nico Griffith)
bags of fertilizer: Second Spaces – part of Uncle Hank’s Potting Shed (Elle Kirshner)
cabinet (under window): Second Spaces – bennie small chest (Elle Kirshner)
English Garden stacked pots



You know how sometimes you wish your SL room was also your RL room? Yep.

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*pic credits at end of post

The Tiffany Bedroom Set is new from PILOT and Kaz Nayar, available now at this month’s Collabor88. I love that bed – gorgeous bedding, lovely curves on the headboard, and a ruffly bedskirt! I love a ruffly bedskirt!

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The vase of lilacs is just beautiful. As much as I love the whole set, I really think those lilacs are my favorite piece. Perfect! ♥

Speaking of perfect, I’m also crazy about this Jar Chandelier from Cory Edo and Trompe Loeil, also available at Collabor88. Rustic! Pulleys! Rustic pulleys!! That would be a great band name!

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All this awesome stuff is set up inside more awesomeness – the new prefab from Barnesworth Anubis (oddly enough, also available at Collabor88) — the Haight Apartment Skybox!

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Two nice large rooms, both with wonderfully soaring bay windows, AND a cute little bathroom off the back. I also love those french doors! ♥

Pick up this amazing stuff at this month’s Collabor88!!  [SLurl]

*credits from first pic

Bed, bench (under the window), and nightstand: PILOT – Tiffany Bedroom (Kaz Nayar)
Bench (at the foot of the bed): fri.home – poet’s bench (Friday Monday)
Pillows on bench: PILOT – Tiffany Extra Pillows (Kaz Nayar)
Bedside lamps: Trompe Loeil – Funky Lamp (Cory Edo) **currently available at The Arcade Gacha Event [SLurl]
Bunting on wall: floorplan. bunting (Tegan Serin)
Mirrors: floorplan. – porthole mirror (Tegan Serin)
Cabinet: floorplan. quilt cabinet (Tegan Serin)
Tray of coffee: Cheeky Pea – Dandelion Coffee Tray (Isla Gealach)
Phone: floorplan. – antique telephone (Tegan Serin) **currently available at The Arcade Gacha Event [SLurl]
Bedside plant: MudHoney – Plant in a Can (Rayvn Hynes)
Floor lamp: Trompe Loeil – Spotlight Lamp (Cory Edo) **currently available at The Arcade Gacha Event [SLurl]
Radio: Cheeky Pea – Millesime Baignoire Radio (Isla Gealach)
Tie rack: PILOT – Snyder Tie Rack (Kaz Nayar)
Baskets (at the foot of the bed): MudHoney – Woven Basket (Rayvn Hynes)
Books (on bench seat): POST (Van Auster)
Box with manuscript (on floor): floorplan. – jack’s manuscript. (Tegan Serin)
Cup of pencils (on the floor): POST – Darkbloom Pencils in Retro Cup (Van Auster)
Rug: PILOT – Tiffany Rug (Kaz Nayar)
Glass bottles: POST – Trio of Salvaged Glass Bottles (Van Auster)
Picture frame and stacked books: fri.home – book stack & frame (Friday Monday)
Tray with lilacs: PILOT – Lilac Tray (Kaz Nayar)
Crate and books: MudHoney – Laura Fridge Crate and Mesh Books (Rayvn Hynes)
Magazines: MudHoney – Magazine Pile (Rayvn Hynes)
Curtains: floorplan. – color block curtains (Tegan Serin)
Deer head: floorplan. – oh deer wall decor (Tegan Serin)
Baskets (on shelf under bench): Y’s House – Kago01 (Yacchan Clip)
Chandelier: Trompe Loeil – Jar Chandelier (Cory Edo)
Skybox: [ba] – Haight Apartment Skybox (Barnesworth Anubis)

pipe dream.


A new round of Atelier Kreslo opened last week. This month, it’s a collaboration between Kaz Nayar of PILOT and RubyStarlight Writer of Exposeur Poses.

Presenting the Bari Chair:

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*additional credits below

Sort of kooky, sort of mod, totally awesome. Lots of different texture options:

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I love the attention to little details, like the little bits of writing you can see on some of the pieces of white PVC. Possibly my favorite bit, though, is the perfect metal shine on the legs. That’s great texturing, my friends.

blog 2

The chairs include great poses from Ruby: 6 singles and 2 couples. Not only a great decor piece, but also fun for a photo prop!

Be sure to stop  by Atelier Kreslo now to grab your Bari Chair!! [SLurl]

*additional credits from first pic

rugs – nordari. (Jordan Giant)
guitar, amp, album set: *ionic* MONO (Lakua Arriaga)

these four walls.


The Four Walls Hunt is on! Read more at the hunt blog, but know that this is a hunt that you need to do. It’s quick and easy and totally worth a little bit of your time! It’s all home and garden items, and pretty nice ones at that…check the “The Hunt” tab on the Four Walls blog to see preview pics of all the items, along with direct TPs AND hints to the item locations!! Easy peasy!

I felt like decorating up some pretty little vignettes to highlight my favorite hunt items. See all the credits at the end of the post!

blog fancy 1

blog fancy2

blog fancy 3

*credits (items marked with an asterisk are available as part of the Four Walls Hunt)

pic 1:

*My Modular Shelves – Scarlet Creative (Charlotte Bartlett)
*Miller Positive Words A to C wall art – PILOT (Kaz Nayar)
*Pallet Lounger – Trompe Loeil (Cory Edo)
Cassette Radio – Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth)
Matryoshka – Lark (Sienia Trevellion)
Tic Tac Toe – The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
Contempo Floor Vase – Trompe Loeil (Cory Edo)
Gumball Machine – floorplan. (Tegan Serin)
Ball Vases – Orange Creations (Nut Barak)
Piggy Bank – Sway’s (Sway Dench)
Marigold in a vase – MudHoney (Rayvn Hynes)
Weathered Mirror – Zigana (Nalena Fairey)
Lola Bowl Teal – The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
Origami Deer Head – [Commoner] (Emery Milneaux)
Books – MudHoney (Rayvn Hynes)
Persian rug – Dutchie (Froukje Hoorenbeek)

pic 2:

*Miller Dresser – PILOT (Kaz Nayar)
*Meredith Ottoman – MudHoney (Rayvn Hynes)
Amalfi String Lights – {what next} (Winter Thorn)
Brigitte Picture Frames – {what next} (Winter Thorn)
Marais Umbrella Stand – {what next} (Winter Thorn)
Roxanne Lamp – The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
Table Fan – The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
stacked books – *Art Dummy! (Gala Charron)
Roxanne Flower Bowl – The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
Marais Phone – {what next} (Winter Thorn)
Marais Message Pad & Pen – {what next} (Winter Thorn)
Rug – ‘me was used.’ – Nordari (Jordan Giant)
Lacquered Tray and accessories – The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)

Pic 3:

*Valena Cubby – floorplan. (Tegan Serin)
Painter’s Armchair – Cheeky Pea (Isla Gealach)
pompom flowers and vase – *Art Dummy! (Gala Charron)
Minuet Books – Awesome Blossom (Clementine Ishtari)
Bad Romance Reading Nook books – Second Spaces (Elle Kirshner)