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By jove, the Holmes Skybox!


Hi! I’ve got a new release for you from Second Spaces – the Holmes Skybox!

A gorgeous vintage space, filled with natural light and lovingly weathered wood, the Holmes Skybox is a perfect retreat at the end of a long day.

*SPECIAL OFFER* For the first 24 hours after release, the Holmes Skybox is available at 50% off!! Regular price will be $L750, but from now until 7AM SLT Sunday morning, you can grab it for just $L375!

Available at Second Spaces [SLurl]

The skybox is sold unfurnished, but I just had to dress it up a little to show its potential!

All furniture/accessories available at Second Spaces.

ohhi, Soho!


Dear NOTsoBAD Team,

I heart you.

Kthx, Elle.

Emilie Freund of NOTsoBAD sent me their latest amazingness, the Soho Loft Skybox. As with everything that NsB puts out, the Soho has amazing textures and shadows/lighting, gorgeous attention to detail, and it makes my heart go pitter-patter. Please to take a look:

[sigh] The skybox is available with and without the outside surround…I chose to show you pics with the surround because it’s gorgeous! It puts you right in the heart of downtown!

The center wall, the paintings, and the fireplace are all included, and can also all be moved or removed. This is an amazing build that’s perfect for contemporary chic decor – I love the idea of the rough brick, concrete, and exposed pipes mixed with lots of glitz & glam. Perfect!

Go see the Soho at NOTsoBAD, right here [SLurl].



I know I gush about NOTsoBAD alot on this blog…and I don’t really plan to stop that anytime soon. FYI. Emilie Freund of the NsB team sent me their latest – the BOW Apartment Skybox. Oh Em Gee. So simple, and so awesome. Just an open loft-style apartment, done amazingly well.

I absolutely love the mix of modern with rustic. The textures are gorgeous, and (as always) all that lovely light and shadow is built right in – no SL-enabled shadows for me!

There are controls for the windows, so you can have them half-shaded, like in the pics, or completely open or completely shaded. I adore the details in this space – the timber beams are perfect!

You also get the option of changing the wall color on the TV wall – there are about 18 colors to choose from! A set of neutrals, and a set of beautiful pastels. Here’s a sample:

It’s like candy!

Be sure to stop by NOTsoBAD to see the BOW Apartment yourself – seriously, if you’re a skybox dweller, this is a must-see! (and only $2490L for this texture-baked yumminess!)

NOTsoBAD [SLurl]

Once upon a dream…


Hi there! Remember earlier this month, I told you about the latest awesomeness from Belle Belle – the Calypso Cave? (over here) I had said then to keep an eye out for future sceneries…and the future is here! Or some other dramatic statement that lets you know that I mean business!

Leyla sent me the next installment for the Bliss Box (the rezzer that operates the Calypso Cave) – the Firefly Dream. So gorgeous and mystical!

The same as with the Calypso Cave, you rez a little cloud that takes you up 2000 meters and rezzes the Firefly Dream for you. You get all the yummy animations that I shared in the Calypso blog post, and a lovely fantastical place to spend time with your sweetie. I love the little winged lanterns that are hanging around, and the grassy area is just beautiful with all the fireflies and sparkly lights floating all around.

So pretty! Be sure to head over to Belle Belle to take a look…and be excited to see what scenery is released next!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

Scarlet Creative


Hi there, and welcome to August! I had a bunch of really nice review packages sent to me last week, so now I begin my attempt to catch up. Always fun!

Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative sent me her newest skybox and in the review folder, she included the following note:

Scarlet Creative turns 4 years old in September and each year we create a new range and explore our current inspiration.

This year it is going a little back to our roots.  The urban style home.   The range will start with a skybox “Becoming More Like Alfie” and comes in two options, shell or with furniture.    Following the skybox will be a further range from sleek spa style properties for the beach through to a new grand prefab.

As much as I’m a shabby chic kind of girl, I’ve also always appreciated well-done urban style. The “Becoming More Like Alfie” skybox is a great example of urban simplicity – lots of character, but still a fairly empty canvas to allow you to inject your own character and personality.

A nice big open concept floor plan – and I love how the stairs are off in their own little hallway, but still open to the dining area in the back. Great for traffic flow. I like the super large window on the front, as well – even skyboxes need a view! Throughout the skybox, you can change the look of the windows, as well — open or closed blinds, dark or light opacity, etc.

Charlotte spent a lot of time in the kitchen and dining area. The rooms themselves are simple with clean lines; what’s really fun are the options built into the tabletops! I’m a sucker for SL food stuff – that’s why you can see  me in the background of the pics above, setting up my table – and the Alfie comes with a few different options for setting your table. I went with the fun party food in the dining room…

…and then breakfast in the kitchen the next morning. I like the striped wall in the kitchen – it’s a nice accent and a fun way to break up the white brick (which I also like). I also included a close-up here of the fire place in the living room…and you can see there, again, the nice flow from living to dining.

Upstairs is an open loft bedroom –  love the suspended platform bed – and an open bathroom. More simple and clean lines, and the use of wire mesh for the upper part of the bathroom walls is creative – glass half-walls would have been great, too, but the mesh is unexpected and that makes it cool.

You can see “Becoming More Life Alfie” now at Scarlet Creative [SLurl], and keep a look out for more new releases in the urban line.