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Good morning, dear readers – just a few new releases from around the grid today.

First, The Loft released several “New, Newish and Sorta Old but Never Announced” items yesterday. They are all delicious.

Grab these pieces of awesome at The Loft! [SLurl]

W. WinxWhimsy Winx sent me copies of her latest releases: the Spring Time, Laze Daze, and MeadowLark Pavilions. I really like this concept – especially for those who don’t have the time or patience for landscaping – this is like instant landscaping…or Landscaping In-A-Flash, for a more exciting description. 🙂

Just 72 prims for a total pavilion, which is nice. I would love to see a lot more shading on the furniture and architectural pieces – I think it would make the overall pavilion look a bit more “grounded”. It is a great option for those who want instant gratification without sacrificing all their prims – and Whimsy is also offering separate bunny pavilions that coordinate…so if you only want landscaping for your bunny (or any pet, really), then you can grab a smaller version just for them!

W. Winx [SLurl]

Boogedy boogedy!


Round two of great Halloween stuff from around the grid!

CAS: As always, Casandra Jackson has the hook-up for awesome Halloween food, drinks, and et cetera! There is so much to see and try – here are some of my favorites:

cas allCAS


W. Winx: Whimsy Winx sent me her new Wood Witch Cottage and Funky Witch Cabin to check out. These are great for your haunted forests, spooky graveyards, and all manner of creepy settings! The little gardens around the cabins are really cute, and the various furniture pieces are full of adorable animations! When you go check these out, be sure to snoop around Oubliette a bit; Whimsy has the sim all decked out for autumn and it’s beautiful!

winx wood all

winx funky all

W. Winx


Belle Belle: Leyla Firefly has a ton of awesome Halloween stuff for you! Furniture sets, accessories, a mausoleum…all gorgeous and detailed, like Leyla always does. You’ll find it all just outside the main entrance to Belle Belle; be sure to note, while you’re there, that there’s a sign and LM giver for Ravenwood Manor, an amazing build that’s perfect to be your haunted house — or even your permanent residence, if you like it kinda spooky year-round. 🙂 Be sure to check that out!

belle outside all

belle house all

Belle Belle