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Ohhi, new stuff!


Hi! I’ve got two new releases for you today…

First, the Repurposed Garden set – a classic old dresser refurbished as a quaint planter for your home or garden!

Second, the You’re So Vain set – a gorgeous vintage dressing table with an antique brass mirror, and a precious trio of recycled wood vases holding freshly-picked marigolds.

My Halloween items are also out at the main shop!

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Hi! I haven’t had a lot of time to get around and check out all the Halloween decor offerings this year, but I did take a few minutes to hit some of my favorite spots to see what sorts of goodies they have out – and now I present my findings to you!

Belle Bell [SLurl]

LISP Bazaar [SLurl]

MB-Creationz [SLurl]

Heart Garden [SLurl]

Great stuff! ♥

What’s that you ask? Oh! Why, yes, I DO have Halloween items out at Second Spaces, as well. 🙂 See more about that, right over here.


Second Spaces says boo


Hi there! Second Spaces is jumping on the Halloween bandwagon…like, just on the edge of it..or maybe I’m hanging off the side…choose your own metaphor. 🙂 Here’s what I’ve got for you!

I’ve just added a tiny little Halloween section in the main shop – just follow the bloody footprints from the front door, thru the giant spiderweb…if you hit the ocean, you went too far. I’ve put out some of my favorites from last Halloween, and a new SPOOKY version (cue scary music) of my Camille Window Seat!

I’m also happy to be participating in the Halloween Hunt for Autism which starts tonight at midnight! Get all the info at the HH4A website — the short version is that you make a $50L donation to get your trick-or-treat bag, then you get to go around to all the participating shops and grab their treats! There are some AWESOME shops participating – this will most likely be the best 50L you’ve ever spent! Second Spaces brings you the Dancin’ Bones art print for my contribution!

Have fun!

Second Spaces [SLurl]

*Second Spaces* Halloween Stuff!


Good morning! I’ve finally finished up my little collection of Halloween thingies, now available at Second Spaces!

halloween promo 2009

halloween all

The Wee Haunted House is a great addition to your spooky tabletops – there’s a ghost flitting by the upstairs window, and mysterious orbs of light shooting out of the chimney – ghostly!

Crime Scene – a set of nice, folksy art pieces, great for shabby chic interiors…that were, unfortunately, in the direct path of the blood spatters during the “incident”.

Trick or Treat? A unique vintage-style hanging banner, perfect to drape across your entry, fireplace, mausoleum – ideal for any situation!

Sparkle Pumpkins – well, that pretty much sums it up. They’re pumpkins. Covered in glitter. They sparkle, sorta.

Second Spaces