As Second Spaces continues to hold contests, we’ll keep this page updated with quick links to help you find the info you need without having to scroll thru all the other posts!

Exotic Getaway Shadowbox Design Contest – August 2008

Santa’s Escape Design Contest – December 2009

Home Hotshot Design Contest – November/December 2010

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  1. what do have in this website? is there some kind of design contest here? if there is any please let me know i wanna try to join the contest, me and my team were specifically a landscape designer working in Bahrain. Thank you

  2. Good Morning, My name is Carley GteyMoon, and i had a idea about having a contest about, the best home desiging, I love to decorate home’s, and make them look as real as i can, i just finished my own home, and i think it looks beautiful,
    So i was thinking that this would be a good way for vendors to make money, because people will have to buy a lot of thing’s for there home’s to make it beautiful, so they can enter the contest, and maybe win some money like 3 or 4 thousand $ L DOLLARS, And if the vendors all put money into the pot , for the winnings, they could make alot of money, buy selling more stuff to who ever wants to enter the contest, the vendors can be listed, so that the people shop there, and only at this partisapating store’s. thank you for your time,

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