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I get around


I had a chance to wander around and check out some new(ish) stuff on the grid. My first stop was [LeeZu!]; I had seen a notice a few weeks ago that LeeZu Baxter had updated her furniture line and I wanted to check it out. I’m honestly not sure which pieces were the newest…but I do know which pieces I totally love!

Mellow Living Set – gorgeous textures and shading:

Jardin Magnifique Sofa, Geisha Poster, and the Wood Open Closet:

My favorite piece is the Mellow Grass Vase set – gorgeous planters and lovely plants – and only 10 prims! I grabbed one of these for my place!

[LeeZu!] Furniture [SLurl]


I also stopped by Zacca to check out CROSS Jupiter’s latest release – the Garden Cafe Set.

So cute! I’ve shared some Zacca stuff with you before; CROSS does a wonderful job with his builds, giving them great character and depth. This precious little building is only 260L, which I think is amazing for this level of quality!

Zacca [SLurl]


Leyla Firefly of Belle Belle has also released another set for the Bliss Box series – this time, it’s Tantric. This is a simpler set for the Bliss Box – just a gorgeous platform in the middle of your own solar system. Perfect for cosmically romantic getaways!

You truly are surrounded by your own galaxy when you’re in the Tantric Bliss Box. Leyla has just perfect animated textures that swirl around you, along with various stars and planets floating by – you really have to see it to appreciate it, but I tried to show some of the variations through the series of pics above. The stars twinkle, too.

As with all of the Bliss Box sets, this one is loaded with animations, and these are the same awesome hard-core animations that you’ll find in almost all of Leyla’s creations. What’s really fun with this set is that when you start selecting anims from the menu – the cosmos respond with all sorts of funky swirly effects. Just a sample:

Of course, to activate the effects so I could photograph them, I had to activate the menus. So there I am, doing half of…you know…things. I didn’t show you more of the cool effects because it would have required me using the seriously grown up anims, and acting out just half of those would have upped the R rating on this blog…IF ya know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

Check it out at Belle Belle! [SLurl]

Belle Belle – Tantric

Squee on the Orient Express


You know, just when I think Leyla Firefly can’t possibly impress me any more than she already has, she comes right in and blows me away!! Belle Belle just released the latest installment in the Bliss Box series…and it is now my favorite!!!!! If you’re not familiar with Bliss Box, then you need to get over to Belle Belle NOW to check it out — essentially, it’s a series of skyboxes that can all be rezzed from a single point, if you want. Only, “skybox” really doesn’t do justice to these scenes…it’s more like a series of “super awesome and amazing vignettes that you didn’t even know could be this awesome”. Or something like that.

The Orient Express Bliss Box is exactly what it sounds like: an SL version of a luxury compartment on the famous Orient Express passenger train.

In true Leyla fashion, no detail was spared. The bed is packed with sexy animations, as always, and the woodwork is gorgeous! You can see below a closeup of some of the detailed wood embossing that I love, as well as a shot of the corridor outside the compartment.

I love that Leyla included the corridor! If you head up the corridor, you’ll come to the luxury bathroom. FULL SERVICE, my friends!

I love that the mirror is textured with a reflection – it adds great depth to the room!

I mentioned that the Orient Express is packed with details. My favorite is the scenery outside, which is animated to give the impression of movement. What’s beyond awesome is that Leyla has it worked out so perfectly, with the horizon moving by slower than the landscape that is right outside the train — it really feels like you’re moving along. However, what’s even more beyond awesome than that is…..THE TRAIN BUMPS! For real! As you’re standing in the cabin, every few seconds, the whole thing just sort of bumps slightly, just like it would on a real train! GENIUS!!! β™₯

My other favorite details are the little pieces sprinkled around the cabin…like the luggage, which makes perfect sense to be there. AND – because Leyla is silly and loves to slip in the unexpected – there are condoms and body glide discreetly available alongside the champagne…which also sort of makes perfect sense. πŸ™‚

You must head to Belle Belle to check out the Orient Express – words just cannot convey how awesome it is! You have to experience the train’s movement and scenery. Bravo, Belle Belle! Perfection!!

Belle Belle [SLurl]




Rayvn Hynes of MudHoney sent me a bunch of goodness last week! Yay for goodness!

First, the Luggage Lounge seating. I love this idea – the trend of luggage as furniture/decor is just fun, and this is a cute and quirky spin on it. The Luggage Lounge includes great animations; as expected, my favorite is where I get to jump. πŸ™‚

The Valentine-theme wall deco is also from MudHoney – I enjoy the organic feel of the materials. You can’t see in the pic, but the little hearts on theΒ  garland are made of book pages. Cute!

Another precious accessory is the Delia Drawers cabinet – great shabby look to it. Rayvn also has the cute little hot chocolate set – I love the marshmallow heart!

I love foyers and entryways, and therefore I love furniture and accessories that are perfect for those spaces. The Breitman Entrance set is great – very classic lines, with just a touch of whimsy in the empty frames and the loose cord on the lamp. I also love the texture on the Concrete Lamp!

Check it all out at MudHoney! [SLurl]


A quick note about a fun Valentine’s shopping event: right now, and through Valentine’s Day, Belle Belle is releasing a special $50L item each day! These items are available as gifts, as well, so here’s a great chance to impress your sweetie! The event started yesterday, and each release will be available until February 15th, so get over there to shop! Here are the first 2 days’ releases:

Belle Belle [SLurl]



Hi! I haven’t had a lot of time to get around and check out all the Halloween decor offerings this year, but I did take a few minutes to hit some of my favorite spots to see what sorts of goodies they have out – and now I present my findings to you!

Belle Bell [SLurl]

LISP Bazaar [SLurl]

MB-Creationz [SLurl]

Heart Garden [SLurl]

Great stuff! β™₯

What’s that you ask? Oh! Why, yes, I DO have Halloween items out at Second Spaces, as well. πŸ™‚ See more about that, right over here.


20,000 Leagues Under


Good morning! I’ve got another awesome scene from the Belle Belle Bliss Box series today – the Naughtylus! Leyla has done another amazing job, creating a skybox that looks like you’re deep in the sea – that may somehow defy physics, really. It’s got a gorgeous steampunk design, complete with spinning gears and pulley levers and sparks and awesomeness and more.

The panoramic view of the ocean is beautiful – there’s a lot of motion in there, the fish swimming, the bubbles bubbling, and the occasional jellyfish floating by.

There are a couple little seating areas, plus a really cute little desk area – you know, for charting courses and whatnot.

Speaking of whatnot – like all of Leyla’s Bliss Boxes, the Naughtylus comes packed with animations. You know…animations *wink wink*. I’ve shared the menus with you in past reviews of the earlier Bliss Boxes, and all of those options are included this time, too. In addition is a sub-menu titled “Capt. Favz” :

Aye, aye, Captain.

To wrap up, some of the cute little details that Leyla is so great at adding:

Go check out the Naughtylus Bliss Box, as well as the Calypso Cave, Firefly Dream, and San Francisco boxes at Belle Belle! [SLurl]