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Love grows here!


I was very excited to see a new cottage from Stacie Pryor and [SPRY]!! Stacie sent me the let love grow cottage a few days ago, and omgsquee precious!!

Such a pretty blue, and just the size I like! It’s completely open inside, perfect for creative room definition and a great blank palette for decorating. I like the arched roof when you first walk in; it gives the interior an airier feel.

I would have preferred a wood texture on the window panes, like you see on the window frames. Otherwise, the textures look nice and work well. The let love grow cottage also has the little details that I’ve always loved in [SPRY] houses. Cute little transom windows over the door, extra detail at the pitch of the roof, and I lovelovelove the bay window with open shutters and the little window seat!

The let love grow cottage is only available on Marketplace – right here!

me & my little shadow


(my corniest post title ever. /bows)

Stacie Pryor sent me her latest release from [SPRY] – the little shadow. A simple sort of country-style home, the little shadow has really nice outside spaces and a nice, simple floor plan. I really like the exterior color scheme; the dusty blue and the chocolate brown look great together.

The screened back porch is great – a wonderful spot for a porch swing and cushy seating area, and I love the mesh screen texture that Stacie used.

The first floor gives you a large open living area, and a nice-sized room off to the side that would be great for kitchen, office, or even a guest room. I love the L-shaped stairs (always my favorite), and the neutral color scheme throughout the house is ideal for decorating since you can spice it up with pretty much any pops of color you’d like.

Upstairs is a nice large bedroom that opens on to the upper balcony. I have always been all β™₯ for balconies – there’s just something romantic about them, right? Maybe it’s the whole Romeo & Juliet scenario, I don’t know. Don’t judge!

I love all the wood trim accents and wood floors throughout the house. A personal preference: I wish the house’s foundation was deeper. The house is mod, so certainly I could adjust it myself…but I would prefer to have all pre-fabs with deep foundational prims that I can just sink into the ground and keep the house as elevated as I want it. It seems easier to terraform/landscape around the house when you don’t have to make sure the ground is level with the foundation and that’s its not poking through the floor. Just my preference!

Great job, as always, to Stacie – stop by [SPRY] to see it for yourself! [SLurl]

rise and shine


In my continuing efforts to catch up on blog reviews, I’m happy to share the latest release from Stacie Pryor and [SPRY] – the rise and shine home! This is a larger build than we’ve seen so far from [SPRY], and I love the looks of it! It’s sort of rustic and coastal and colonial all at the same time.

I really like the brick texture on the front porch…and I always love the window details that Stacie includes around her doors. I’ve decided that she does that just for me. β™₯

You’ll notice there are two front doors – one leads to a very spacious open living area, and the other to a smaller living area, like a mother-in-law suite or an attached commercial office space. The main living area is plenty big enough to fit in a sitting area, dining, kitchen, study…and I enjoy the nooks around the stairs – great for lots of accessory furniture pieces.

I like the wood floors – my personal preference would be a bit more shading on the floors – but it’s a great neutral palette throughout, perfect for fitting in with any decor color scheme.

Upstairs are two large bedrooms – again plenty of room for multifunctional spaces – sleeping, sitting area, dressing area, all kinds of stuff. (Please note – these 2 pics are from one room…so multiply that by 2, and that’s what ya get upstairs πŸ™‚ )

Stacie used some really fun doorknobs throughout the house — all scroll-y and wrought iron – and the door textures are pretty awesome, too. I enjoy the rough plank look. One thing I noticed is that the doors are a bit out of proportion to an average avatar…the doorknobs are about head & shoulders to me. Another personal preference for me, I like the details to be a bit more realistic in scale. The doors are totally proportionate with the house, though, and they really do look great.

Another great build from [SPRY] – it’s on the larger side, and a bit prim-heavy…but if you have the space and the prims to allow, it would make an awesome home. Tons of possibilities for decorating, and plenty of room to really deck it out.

Check it out at [SPRY] [SLurl]

[SPRY] –adjective, active; nimble; agile; energetic; brisk.


Another adorable house from Stacie Pryor and [SPRY]! Stacie sent me her latest, the all my days country home, and it’s just as lovely as every one of its predecessors. I had some time to dress it up a bit on this go-round, which was fun. I really like the illusion of the house – from the outside, it looks like a typical 2-story farmhouse…but on the inside, it’s a quaint and cozy 1-story cottage. I don’t know why, but that pleases me. πŸ™‚

I adore a good porch, as you all know, and the all my days has two to choose from! The front porch is where I spent some decorating time — and the front porch is where you sit to watch people go by, so I declare it time well spent. Roomy enough for seating and then some!

Inside is an open layout, with an alcove on each side. It’s definitely large enough to work in a living area and bedroom, maybe office/workroom, maybe even dining, if you get creative with your zones. I love having the ceiling open to the faux second story – keeps it very light and airy.

You’ll see that I left a lot of empty space in the center, just because I ran out of time. There’s so much more that could be done with that space!

Some specific little details that I really like: the ceiling is awesome. I love the rough wood look and the textured cross beams are a great touch. Likewise, the crown moulding textured in throughout the build gives great character.

Great job, once again, by Stacie! Be sure to swing by her [SPRY] location to see for yourself!

[SPRY] [SLurl]

*Furniture/decor from Second Spaces, MudHoney, Ambiance, Scarlet Creative, Kyoot Home

I spy with my little eye: [SPRY]


Good morning. πŸ™‚ Stacie Pryor has released another gorgeous home from [SPRY], the get lost/get found Seaside Cottage. This is the larger, grounded version of her get lost/get found skybox, and I like it! The mix of textures, the weathered look, and the window details make me happy.

Speaking of window details – I know it’s a simple thing, but you may really not understand my love of transom windows. So, here, I will show you: <3.

French doors alone are always great – adding the transom and side window makes them even better. I like that Stacie left the front door asymmetrical, too.

Inside is a nice-sized living area that leads around to a bedroom in the back. Another simple thing that I really like is the dividing wall between the two rooms that you see as you come in the front door. I think it’s very common for SL houses to be one square room that is attached to another square room by a door…the dividing wall gives subtle definition to the bedroom, and also creates a sort of quasi-foyer in the front. Yay for foyers, and 5 points to me for using “quasi”.

There’s that bay window/window seat that I love so much, too. πŸ™‚

In the back is the bedroom, a good size for decorating, with more french doors leading to the back patio. I love the double entrance to the back patio, from either the main living area or the bedroom – it would be great to leave both sets of doors open for a nice airy feel.

Now, clearly, I didn’t decorate for blogging purposes – I wanted to show the house alone. However, to get a great idea of how wonderfully this space can be used, check out Stacie’s blog to see what she did with it – gorgeous!

The get lost/get found Seaside Cottage is available on XStreet, and at the in-world [SPRY] location [SLurl]. You can also check out the demo right here [SLurl].