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*Designer Review* MudHoney Spring Gazebo


Rayvn Hynes of MudHoney has decided that spring is coming early. 😉 She sent me a copy of her latest release, the Spring Gazebo…and it does sorta make me wanna go running thru a meadow. But I won’t. Yet.

Anyway, this is just a super cute little hangout spot, and definitely looks great in a field of wildflowers, as seen in the pic. 😉 The precious daybed is packed with anims, for couples, singles, and just hanging out. I took the opportunity to catch up on my reading while I was preparing this blog post. The daybed is a little large in scale, which really just makes it great for all of your friends to pile on to – and emphasizes the fact that I had no friends to play with at the time of the pic. (sob) All of the textures are gorgeous, of course, and I really love how Rayvn used all the throw rugs scattered around.

As expected from MudHoney, the gazebo is full of really cute accents. The framed prints are adorable, the lanterns are awesome, and the potted flowers are really cute. My absolute favorite, though, is the window frame leaning against the wall. I LOVE using architectural elements as decor, so this does it for me on that level – but what I absolutely love more than anything is the 3d shadow that Rayvn added…that gives it such depth, I just wanna reach out and touch it. (oh my)

A really amazing job on all every aspect of the design and build – the Spring Gazebo is available now at MudHoney!

MudHoney [SLurl]

I’m a Glam Girl!!


I had a chance recently to play dress-up in the new Glam Dressing Room from MudHoney. Yay for dress-up! Now, I’ll clarify: I DJed a disco party earlier in the day, which explains the outfit, and it seemed like a great outfit for these pics. I don’t just generally walk around in gold lame’ and large discorific hair. 🙂

Rayvn Hynes has put together a gorgeous room, complete with wardrobe, a huge lighted mirror, and lots of really cute accessories!

The vanity table also has a really cool feature where, when you sit in the chair, the camera automatically snaps around so that your view is from behind the mirror, looking at yourself. That’s pretty awesome. 🙂 I really love the hats that are scattered around, too – such a great, realistic detail.

In addition to the room set, Rayvn has also released a Glam Dressing Room Photoble, great for pictures! It’s like a scaled down version of the room, made to look like a fancy store dressing room, and including both singles and couples (wink wink!) poses.

Check it all out at MudHoney!

**poses shown in the first two pics are my own, used for photo purposes**

Things to spend money on during your holiday weekend


Just a quick hit of new and exciting things around the grid!! Of course, as blogged earlier, Second Spaces has a few new releases – you can see those here. In addition, check this out:

Ambiance: a SALE and a new set!

ambiance sale

Ambiance has also just released the Summerset Bathroom, another set created by Cheewha Palen. As always, it’s packed with accessories and details, texture options, and tons of animations!

ambiance all

Ambiance Interactive Furnishings


Shade Fantasy Outfitters: I hadn’t been to Shade Fantasy in a while, so I popped over to see what’s new. I’ll tell you what’s new – awesome grasses and flowers, that’s what. Ashade Sinister has some amazing sculpted grasses – they look so, so real, and come with little extras like particles and sounds – just perfect for anything where you need cool, wild grass! I also found that Ashade has added flowers, in a totally cute little nursery setup. Definitely something you need to see!

shade sin all

Shade Fantasy Outfitters


MudHoney: Rayvn Hynes has just released the Jersey Shore Beach house, a cute little cottage, great for those of us who like to keep it simple! I love that it is walled with windows – you can never have too much natural light!


MudHoney Designs

Friday goodness!


Happy Friday! Just a few quick hits today — quick and awesome!

Mudhoney – Grand Re-Opening Event and Sale! It’s a new location for MudHoney, and Rayvn Hynes is having a 50% off sale to celebrate! Get over there between August 8-15 and grab up some bargains! The new location looks awesome; be sure to explore every inch – the entire store is on sale!! Congrats to Rayvn on the new build!!

mudhoney grand reopening

iTutu Garden & Furniture – I found iTutu several months ago, and LMed it for a future blog post…then I came across a post about some new stuff earlier today, and that prompted me to get over there and take some pics! iTutu is a must-see for anyone who enjoys the rustic, shabby chic look;  designer Kao Sands does an amazing job with textures to achieve that rustic look. You’ll find a great selection of lighting, plants, and furniture, all very reasonably priced! Kao also has some really cute ground covers available – be sure to check out the garden area behind the shop, it’s a little floral paradise! You’ll also see a TP box in the shop that will take you to her Forest Sky Box – definitely check that out, too!

Here’s just a small sampling of what iTutu has to offer – TP over to see the rest!

itutu lightsitutu plantsitutu furniture

Have a great weekend!

*Designer Review/New Release* :[MudHoney]: Designs


Rayvn Hynes of :[MudHoney]: Designs has just released the Luna Gazebo, and was kind enough to send me a copy to check out. Oh. My. Goodness. I’m giving serious thought to what items at home I can pick up so that I have prims available to set this up forever and ever!


I love that this is really a very simple concept that Rayvn has made awesome with details. The gazebo comes with the furniture and accessories seen here, at 400 prims total – that may be a little prim-heavy for some, but is totally worth it if you can spare it. Lots of great seating for you and your pals, and fun little extras that give it a ton of character. I love the idea of lounging in this gazebo at sunset, drink in hand…hence, the theme of my photos. 🙂

I am a sucker for swings – as mentioned frequently in this blog – and especially swinging sofas/chaises, etc. Lots of great anims included in this, too!

hanging couch

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