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I have produced!


Good morning! Just a few quick releases for you today!

First, the Old Mantel display shelf. The mantel includes the mirror, vase, and drawing – or you can buy just the accessories alone! I’m really happy with the way the mirror reflection turned out – it adds just that little bit of depth that I love to see! I’m easy like that. 😉

I also have a new color of the Camille Window Seat for you! Green, of course, is my favorite color – so that’s the color I chose! The window seat does include the accessories you see on the shelves and the framed prints, and it’s great indoors or out! The white version is also available in the shop now!

Come check it all out at the main shop!

Second Spaces

New releases from Second Spaces!


Yay for new stuff from me! 🙂 I really kind of ❤ these new pieces, and had a lot of fun putting them together. Now available at Second Spaces, come play!

murphy armoire culver writing desk

Murphy Armoire: I absolutely love clicking this thing. 🙂 Click the doors to open/close and raise/lower the bed! Great for lounging with your best pals – there are 6 animations included. The posters come with it, too!

murphy armoire_blog

Culver Writing Desk: a cute little place to keep your mail, toss your keys, and store your magazines. Click to open/close the desk – and all the accessories on the desk are included when you purchase! (They’re also sold separately if you just want them!) *Hatboxes and painting sold separately; shoes and bag not for sale*

culver writing desk_blog

Second Spaces

*Second Spaces* New Releases!


Just a teeny tiny release today — accessory baskets!!

accessory boxes all 052409

The Woven Flower Baskets and the Accessory Boxes are now available at the shop! The accessory boxes are recolors of the Claire Accessory boxes — 4 new colors to choose from!

all boxes blog pic

I’ve also set up my Designer Showcase Network (DSN) vendor for Second Spaces — if you haven’t joined DSN, be sure to do so right away!! There’s a kiosk just inside the door at Second Spaces — just click and join the channels that interest you. For Second Spaces, I’m giving away a sampler pack:

dsn second spaces

Need to know more about DSN? Check the website for all the info — it may actually be the best thing in SL since sliced bread!